Suggested Reading on Theodore Roosevelt

Autobiographies are one of the most sought-after genres. While fiction and other genres take the readers on an unexpected journey and provoke their wildest imaginations, autobiographies are aimed to dig deep into the lives of famous personalities. It offers the outside world a glance into the personal moments, personalities, and events that are otherwise supposed to remain hidden.

With that said, Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most talked-about and famous Presidents of America. He is known for many things and that is what inspired many known authors to write about him. If you are out there for the perfect readings on Theodore Roosevelt, we have compiled a list for you to consider. Let’s discuss.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Perfect Reading on Theodore Roosevelt

It Must Cover Certain Points

Autobiographies as mentioned earlier are all about personal events, moments, and characteristics. Famous people are known to keep several things hidden from the public and are only shared once they have passed away. With that said, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States was known for many things.

However, certain things at the time could not be shared due to the circumstances, which is normally the case with the serving Presidents and high-ranking individuals. At the same time, there is a strong connection between the personality traits and the events that transpire as a result. Afterall, a President has to make certain decisions that can attract extreme backlash.

This is why, when it comes to buying the perfect autobiography, it must contain and cover certain points. Since we are talking about Theodore Roosevelt, the best books on Theodore Roosevelt should cover additional important information as well apart from the birthplace, family, date of birth, etc.

Information about the family, academic achievements, and prizes should be included that tell a lot about the way an individual lived his/her life. Such information goes a long way when it comes to describing special occasions and important events that occurred due to the individual’s actions.

It Should Be Non-Fiction

Fiction books are all about dreams and ideas. These books tend to be far away from the actual reality. This is why the fiction genre suits only a particular niche. Autobiographies on the other hand include dates, time, and important events that help the readers connect and envision the scenarios from their perspective.

With that said, some of the best books on Theodore Roosevelt have done a remarkable job in mentioning the events in chronological order for the readers to understand and maybe remember the life of one of the most important individuals in America’s history.

Infact, some top books about Theodore Roosevelt have brought the readers close to the actual reality, which links to the way governments work today. In addition to the regular politics, these books contain information about certain steps taken by Theodore Roosevelt behind the scenes to make America the greatest country.

This allows the reader to connect with the facts, instead of imagining or assuming different events and scenarios at different points in time.

Therefore, when looking for the best books about Theodore Roosevelt out there, you should consider the reality factor and the way the author managed to develop a relationship between the individual in focus and the reader.

Focuses on Life

An autobiography will always concentrate and focus on the personal life of the individual being discussed. The reason is, as mentioned earlier, that readers are always curious about the personal lives of the famous. They want something more in-depth rather than what they see or have seen in the past on a daily basis.

This means that an autobiography will talk about several different events or stages. As a result, the book tends to be more complete as it does not constrain itself to a limited period of time. For instance, you can read about the death of Hitler but that would leave out several important details of his personality or the events that led to the actual situation.

The best books about Theodore Roosevelt out there, contain all the important information about his life in extreme detail. If you wish to come close to understanding Theodore Roosevelt, make sure that you pick a book that focuses on both his professional and personal life.

Should Draw Conclusions and Learnings

Apart from offering an insight into the lives of the famous, autobiographies should draw important conclusions and learnings as well. For instance, following Michael Jackson’s death, a documentary on his life along with his final days was made and released the same year.

The purpose was not only to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson but also to highlight that he struggled and fought against several ailments behind the scenes. This is exactly the case with the best books on Theodore Roosevelt.

While his political persona had a lot to do with where America stands today, his struggles, sacrifices, commitments, and all the other efforts, behind the curtains, that went into making America a great country, should draw an important lesson for everyone and serve as inspiration.


There is no denying that Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest Presidents the Americans had ever seen. His life was full of unexpected adventures. However, those adventures led him to the biggest seat in the office. Theodore was an influential personality who inspired millions after his death. His passion, vision, struggles, commitment, sacrifice, and dedication towards the country earned him a permanent place in the history books.