Smartphone as an Alternative: When is it the Best Choice?

The smartphone is an undeniably powerful tool, and this only becomes truer as time passes. In fact, it’s now powerful enough to function as an alternative to devices you might often prioritise for certain tasks – such as your computer, TV, gaming console, or even other facilities.

However, as is natural with substitutions, using a smartphone instead does come with compromises. That’s not to suggest that it’s always an inferior option, but identifying when it could be the right way to go might help you get the most out of this device.

For Gaming

When it comes to gaming, it’s often less about whether or not a smartphone is superior to PCs and home consoles and more about what you want from gaming as a whole. Despite progress being made in the hardware allowing for the ability to play modern games like Assassin’s Creed Mirage, mobile gaming might be better considered its own branch of the medium entirely.

Even now that the landscape has managed to escape the initial confines of games like Fruit Ninja, there is still an emphasis on ‘freemium’ titles – games that are free to download initially but make their money through microtransactions that occur throughout regular play. These purchases can either be for in-game cosmetics, or perhaps to remove an obstacle or hurdle that was previously hindering progress – such as timed recharges on items. That’s not all, though, with casino games like poker and online pokies at kingjohnnie casino being increasingly popular, allowing the entire category of a previously physical activity to be digitised.

There are also ports of older games that have been made possible by the developments in mobile hardware which does bring the experience closer in line with what you might find elsewhere, with the addition of being able to play these games on the go.

Movies and Shows

With streaming platforms like Netflix offering users the ability to download films and shows they want to return to on their mobile platform, it opens up a discussion about what is lost and gained here. Famously, some filmmakers such as David Lynch have criticized the ability to watch a movie on mobile devices due to the amount of quality and fidelity being lost, meaning that intention in crafting shots and direction is also at risk.

This is a valid concern, especially if you’re someone who places a degree of importance on these elements of visual art. However, there is also a great deal of convenience to be had here, especially when it comes to using this downloaded content to pass the time on a flight or other form of long journey. In fact, for some people, this might present a rare opportunity to catch up with movies and shows they’ve not found the time for in their regular routine. That might not necessarily balance the books in terms of watching movies on your phone against other devices, but it at least opens up a discussion for when the right time to do so might be and what could be gained.

A Work Device

What about if you’re away from your computer and you need to do some work while on the go? Most phones and operating systems have access to some sort of document system that can be used, and the ability to use emails as you would anywhere else does make this a feasible option. It’s hard to argue against the fact that this is likely going to be much more difficult than being able to look at a bigger screen and use a mouse with more space, but it at least gives you an option in the case of an emergency. Resorting to it more regularly than in specific situations might make the limitations more clear and could even go on to cause some damage to your eyes where straining to observe the screen is concerned.

Keeping it in mind as a backup might then be a good way to think of it. If you work from home, having a mobile device that you can easily answer emails from or have video calls on from anywhere, means you’re not stuck in one place all the time. A smartphone with an unlimited data plan will be a fantastic back up so you’re always connected to the internet no matter where you are, even if there is no wifi.