Rules for Writing Happy Birthday Messages

Taking time to send text messages to your employees or customers is a simple and effective way of showing your appreciation and rewarding shoppers with a treat. Also, insightful Geburtstagswünsche to customers can boost sales and grow your brand. Birthday messages not only benefit your customers and employees but also you. And if you stick to our tips and tricks, you will find that crafting a Geburtstagswunsch is the simplest thing to do. In this article, we tell you the 7 important rules that you must play by when sending your customers or employees birthday messages. Continue reading for more information.

5 Business Birthday Wishes Texting Tips

The chances of birthday texts getting a response are higher than when you send a promotional message. Writing the right message can increase the probability of your message being responded to even further. In this section, we discuss 7 things that ensure your recipients love the Geburtstagswunsch you send.

1. Personalize Your Message

Given that birthday events are highly personal, it behooves you to also make your message personal. This is your opportunity to demonstrate to the customer that you know them in detail. You can do this by focusing on services and products you know they are greatly interested in.

Some tips to help you are to make use of their previously viewed and bought items. Also, their wish list can help you give them relevant discounts. Another option is to gift your customer a store-wide caption. Throwing in a couple of relevant product suggestions in the text will not harm your sales chances. Your customer will be inspired to think of how to take advantage of the discount you have offered. None of the suggestions you offer might appeal to your customer. Still, it could remind them of something to buy.

The use of wish lists as the foundation of birthday promotions also has the benefit of encouraging the use of the same features as it gives them a chance of scoring steep discounts on items they desire most. By encouraging more people to make use of the wish list feature, you will better understand your customers and also know their interests. This leads to better personalization not just for birthday texts but all for your entire promotions.

2. Celebrating Birthdays in Large Companies

In bigger organizations that have more than 1000 employees like a call center or a factory, using SMS to send Geburtstagswünsche can help you to keep track of all employee birthdays and ensure that no one is ignored.

Other than putting in place automated texts, you could also want to use the short message service or SMS to remind managers and team leaders about upcoming birthday celebrations within their departments.

This way, the birthday of each team member will always be remembered. It also lets managers and supervisors send a more personalized message to the employees celebrating their special days.

This is also your opportunity to gift your staff a gift when they are celebrating their birthdays. For example, you could add points to the perk scheme of an employee.

For example, apart from the text that an employee receives from their manager, you could also send them an automated text that lets them know about the added points. Another alternative is to have team leaders send a template that contains the perks discount codes that can be edited and personalized before sending them to the employee.

3. This is not the time to sell

It is advisable to avoid a sales-y tone when sending text messages of any nature to your customers. In terms of a birthday text, this rule is even more important. Pitching in a birthday message undermines the goodwill gesture that this type of text needs to represent.

This is not the time to sell a service or product. Chances are, if your customer has an interest in the offer, they can check the product description. Your focus should be on incorporating a personalized message and also explaining any promotions that you give your customer or employee.

4. Use Text Art

It doesn’t matter whether you are sending a text to your employee or customer. What matters is that a couple of text message art is included in the body of the message to make the recipient happy and make the message unique. Contrary to GIFs and images that are often sent as multimedia texts, you can still send text art as an SMS. This means that everybody will receive them. Also, your recipient won’t be charged for opening the message, something that is common in the case of MMS.

5. Offer an Opt-Out

Business birthday messages may be appealing to some people, more so when these include mouthwatering offers or discounts. However, some people would rather not hear a word about business when they are celebrating their birthdays. These people may prefer to opt-out of getting such messages.

These customers can be taken care of by ensuring that an opt-out keyword is included in the birthday text. Today, some businesses completely avoid sending unwanted birthday messages by providing separate opt-in for seasonal greetings, Geburtstagswünsche, and other celebrations.

Some religions and cultures don’t celebrate birthdays. Also, some religions may prohibit doing so. You must take the time and establish whether the person you want to send a message to celebrates their birthday. Not doing this could hurt their feelings. Additionally, it may project you as someone that misuses confidential information.


Sending text messages to customers on their birthday is a powerful way to entrench loyalty and also grow your brand. It shows the recipient that you took the trouble to make a personalized message for them. This will in turn create a great connection between you and the customer.

But there are certain rules that you must play by when writing birthday messages for your customers or clients. One of them is not to take this as an opportunity to make a sales pitch for a product or service. Also, it helps to make your Geburtstagswunsch as personalized as possible by including all the relevant details about your customer. It is a small thing but can go a long way in retaining existing customers.