Reasons to Consider Using Reusable Swim Nappies

Swim nappies are perhaps the most crucial part of taking your baby out for swimming. Being a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your baby or child keeps any little faecal sorts of accidents contained so as not to soil the pool. Any leaks may lead to the closure of the public pool and may result in hours of cleaning. Of course, you surely don’t want to be such a parent!  Here, what you can consider is swimming nappies by Bubba Bump and ensure you have it on for your baby or child.

Well assuming that everybody reading this post is quite familiar with the disposable swim nappies that are easily available for you.  But have you ever heard about reusable nappies?

What Really Is A Swim Nappy?

A swim nappy is simply different to a standard nappy in one prime way, it does not really absorb urine. The reason for such a thing is because if you used a standard nappy in a swimming pool it would also absorb the water around it and that would cause the nappy to swell and simply become heavy. Not just would this be quite uncomfortable for your baby it may also be a drowning risk. A swim nappy has one main goal – to stop faecal matter from inflowing the pool. Swim nappies are out there in both disposable and even reusable options but whichever you go for must do the proper job for you. A public pool is going to insist that every non-potty-trained kid must wear one with some stating that you should follow the double nappy system as well.

The Double Nappy

The double nappy system simply is the use of 2 swim nappies to make sure that containment is most definitely going to happen. You will require an under nappy and a neoprene nappy layered over the overall top.

Reusable or Disposable?

Well, would you like to move down to the disposable route or the reusable? There are clear advantages and disadvantages for both, but the reusable overshadows the disposable because:

  • You will never run out
  • Convenient to pack for holiday and a lot lighter too
  • It is conveniently cleaned/washed
  • More cost-effective with time
  • Gentle on the skin of your baby
  • It will last your kid months even up to a year
  • There is no waste

What you should know is that by making use of a reusable nappy for swimming, going to lessons alone will save you nearly dollar 12.41 a year.  Well, yes , a disposable could seem like a convenient option as a lot of modern or present single-use items have been formed up to be to consumers when you look closely at the expense both to yourself, to your environment and to your oceans you   may get to see that you have in fact been sold a clear lie and that reusable products are most certainly the way forward.


So, you should definitely consider using reusable swim nappies for your babies. You will definitely be contented and happy with your decision once you go for it.