Precious Tips For Practicing Piano that can make you a Pro

As we start learning something, we tend to practice it more often as it is a new activity, and we tend to like it more than our usual activities. And hence we start doing better in that particular field. But what about the period when we get accustomed to this? There are several methods through which we can still keep track of our work and progress.

Talking particularly about pianos, after we have taken piano lessons, to a great extent, our teacher has taught us things and functions, but knowledge does not have a finishing line. Although one can become a pro with the understanding that they do have regarding playing the piano to make your work ease, given below are some essential tips which can help you to a great extent and also have been proved by the professionals.


Always start your daily practice with a 5 minutes warm us, practice with the primary keys such that the flow of your fingers increases, and fingers get familiar with every key and chords. If you warm up before the actual practice, then this can enhance the movement of your fingers and let you memorize the keys sooner, thereby making you successful with proper results sooner than anyone else.

Practice Sessions

Do not try to achieve everything just in a single go! Remember, slow and steady wins the race, and hence instead of getting bored to meet results, try making up a routine or practice sessions of not more than 20 minutes. With almost two practice sessions of 20 minutes, a day is more than enough to get good results.

Starting does not means Mastering

When you start any activity, do not get your hopes high that whatever you do just initially has to turn out to be perfect. Practice makes things perfect, hence only with little expectations work for the best and do not run through the task in just one go. Try recording your training such that later you can listen and find out the errors, and the next time your practice, you will do it well!

Listening to the actual song which you are trying to Play

This may be a critical factor in enhancing your work. One should always listen to the song that they are going to or are already playing. Memorizing the song’s tune can help to a great extent. Thus, when you practice, you will be able to notice where your tunes are breaking off or sound off the key.

Set Major Goals

Instead of just sitting regularly and usually practicing without any goals, it can be not very interesting. And hence to make it a bit more interesting, try to set up regular goals. This will keep track of your work and will even make you feel motivated for the next practice.

Hard Song, Slow Down

Every time your practice does not mean that you need to follow hard and fast rules. Keep a check on whatever you do. If you are stuck with a hard song and it is tough for you to memorize, then break it into parts and then start practicing each piece slowly and with proper function. This will altogether make it easy for you to remember the song and will make you learn a hard song in less time.

Do what you Love

The primary factor that makes any person achieve what they want is to love the process. Do make yourself feel dull, try changing the songs if you get stuck up with. For instance, when I get stuck with a song, I try to forget about it and play the song I love the most, and later on, when I feel better, with a motivated mindset, get back on to the piece which I left. This can prove to be beneficial to you as well and get to motivate the process.

Playing piano with the right tricks can be as simple as the blinking of eyes and hence focus and get yourself going towards your goal, and in no time, you will find yourself reaching great heights.

Article by Aarif Habeeb: – A Content writer and Piano lover. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.