Planning a Garage Conversion Project

The steps in converting your garage into a more livable space

Converting a garage into a livable space is undoubtedly a huge task, so all the proper garage planning must be made. Whether you’ll embark on a do-it-yourself project or plan to use the services of experts, it’s a nice idea to have a good, detailed plan in order to increase the productivity so as to carry out the conversion itself smoothly.  That way you can have a garage that will be useful for great activities like gaming, CB Radio hobbies, relaxing and more.

The plan involves the conception up to the creation of the diagram to illustrate any changes in the structure. It also involves getting in contact with the authorities to discuss any legal implications that are related to your intentions in converting your garage into a living space. Consulting a seasoned professional is also a good idea. If you need funding to afford professional help for this home upgrade, title loans could be a quick and easy option. Identifying and choosing the right materials are also an integral part of the conversion plan.

The following consists of a few steps to assist you in your garage conversion project, before doing the conversion work itself:

1. Who will do the project?

Should you do it yourself or call the experts? The answer to this depends on your knowledge regarding garage conversion, your capabilities as a DIYer, and your budget, of course. If you have more than sufficient knowledge for converting your garage almost single-handedly, you can do the project yourself and save a bit of money.  However keep in mind that you will need some heavy tools including cnc router, drills and more.But if you have some more money to spare and you don’t have any previous experience in converting a garage (and will likely end up with a badly-converted garage), you can entrust the project to the qualified, and licensed experts who definitely know about garage conversion.

2. Contact the local authorities and obtain planning permits

Before even embarking on your garage conversion project, it’s important to contact the local authorities. You may need to obtain a pertinent planning permit before you begin your project. Or you may have to adhere to your local building ordinance and regulations. It’s important that you deal with the relevant authorities and establish the facts before you decide on your project. You must also consider the clauses as well which would directly affect the kind of room that you plan. This may also affect the work that is needed to complete your garage conversion e.g., insulation, electricity, wall, doors, windows, etc.

3. Measure your garage’s space

Once you have decided on who will do the project, and passed the requirements, obtained the permissions, as well as understood the regulations and clauses, you are now allowed to measure your garage space. The right measurements will give an indication of the area that you will be working on. If you have a larger space or double garage, for instance, you will have a much larger area to work with. This will also directly affect on how much money you’ll have to spend on your conversion project.

4. What do you want your garage to turn into?

Defining what purpose or intention you want to apply in your garage space is obviously instrumental in your project. You must have set a specific idea of how you plan to use the garage as a new living room or a kitchen, or a combination of office space and entertainment area. You may also decide whether you want to convert the entire garage space or just a particular area (if you still want to leave some space for storage). Your individual preferences and requirements will make a big difference in your project’s outcome.  You might need financing and should consider title loans Jacksonville  and other options.

5. Draw up your plans for your garage conversion

It’s also a good idea if you literally draw up your plans for your garage conversion. Create detailed drawings of how you’d like your garage to turn out once it’s been converted into a brand-new living space. You may want to sketch the exact positioning of the doors and windows, the flooring plan, and so forth. If you can really draw, create your own blueprints to help you plan the space. Otherwise, it also helps to hire a licensed or registered architect to execute the plans that you have conceived.

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