Personality Traits of Benjamin Franklin

We all know Benjamin Franklin as one of the founders of the United States of America, but there is a lot more about him as a person and as a leader that you might be interested in knowing. 

If we sum up all his services and achievements, it is concluded that he was a political philosopher, leading writer, politician, postmaster, Freemason, inventor, scientist, civic activist, humorist, diplomat, statesman and a polymath. As a scientist, Benjamin Franklin was raised as a prominent personality in the history of physics and the American Enlightenment for his theories and discoveries related to the electricity. As an inventor, Ben is remembered for bifocals, the lightning rod, the Franklin stove and many others. In addition to this, he was a founder of many civic organizations, like Philadelphia’s First Fire Department, the Library Company and the Universe of Pennsylvania.

Physical Appearance of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was illustriously known as Ben Franklin among his peers. He was tenth child out of seventh children of his parents. 

Talking about his physical appearance, Ben was five feet nine inches tall and had a strong build. He had large circular head, but was bold from the front of his forehead while his dark brown hairs started from the center of his head and went down to his shoulders. Moreover, his grey eyes were complimentary to his hair, and his thin lips were closely bound to each other. On the whole, Franklin had  attractive features with a strong body structure.

Family Background and History

Benjamin was born with a mediocre family status, and his father was a soap maker. He said farewell to his studies at the age of ten and started to learn and write according to his free will. At the age of sixteen, based on his self-sufficiency, he assembled his first essays collection under the pseudonym name of Silence Dogood. His thoughts were not inspired by any of his family members as he was incited by his own principles of living. 

Franklin eminent role in American history is still well remembered by the people of the States.  Moreover, his contribution in the revolutionary war with France had made him an unforgettable person until now.

Some Highlights on The Personality of Benjamin Franklin


One of the most beloved and well-reputed founders of the United States – Benjamin Franklin, was an inspiring person for not only for his nation but he was known for his achievements globally. Maybe it was his kind attitude towards people or famous twinkling eyes; Franklin embodied many admirable characteristics that added to his success for as long as he lived. Some of his personality traits are discussed below:

1. Rebellious Yet Dedicated 


When Franklin was young, he desired to go to the sea. However, his father didn’t like the idea much as he wanted a steadier and safer profession for him, like candle and soap making business. As a result, Franklin threatened to move out if forced. However, his love for reading influenced him to join printing shop of his brother James. Franklin was a quick learner hence he mastered the aspects of this professional in less time. 

Benjamin was able to open an office for printing in 1730, where he used to do “little jobs” for his clients, including printing pamphlets, broadsides, blank forms and books as well. He built a prominent reputation among his competitors. Franklin’s publications were considered entertaining as well as provoking, but they led him to his own printing and bookshop business.

In 1753, this gentleman was hired as a Deputy Postmaster General for the communities. At his service, Franklin introduced many services, like printed forms, home delivery and customer credit, etc. It is said that, for the first time in the history, the colonial postal system was improved and began to generate profit. 

2. Observant and Kindhearted

 The eighteenth century was the time, when black slavery was on its peak, even Benjamin had many black children in his home as slaves. With the passage of time, he started observing and contemplating their pain and sufferings. Later, he became pre-eminently involved in anti-slavery arguments by writing about their rights. He forwards the abolition of slavery as he acclaimed that education is the path which should be accessible to all humans, and not just white children. While standing for black children, he developed a habit of observing his surroundings more closely, and this trait led him to people’s heart as a leader. 

3. Creative And Imaginative


Benjamin Franklin didn’t constrain himself to only the limited thoughts, pattern and models of the society. He started to go as beyond as he can through his imagination and creativity. He moved the whole society in an equilibrium that bought more artistry and innovative change in politics as well in living standards of the society. Benjamin Franklin believed that in order to create something we have to identify the problem first and then look for the best possible solution.

Here are some of his discoveries and inventions by Ben Franklin which changed the lives of people for good.

  • The Franklin Stove
  • Electricity
  • The first library
  • Glass harmonica
  • Lightning rod

4. Prudent and Dignified

Benjamin Franklin had a peculiar and unique personality. He always used cautions and became iron for forthcoming danger. He acclaimed that an individual should consider all pros and cons of his words and decisions. According to him, a rightful person always stands determined to his actions, even if that led him to the downfall. 

Franklin endorsed that when a person reserves a penny, it means that he earned that penny, hence the more you save, the more you have earned. Similarly, he believed that a person should not give away his power to someone else by getting under the debt because for him It is better to starve than giving privilege to someone else on your soul.

5. Wise and Ambitious

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

You might have heard a lot about it, but Franklin lived this quote. His day used to start at 5 am in the morning and bedtime was 10 am. He believed that waking up early help you maximize your daily productivity.

In short, he emphasized on working hard and spending time on useful things by prioritizing whatever is important and worthy in order to produce the best results.

6. Social and Optimistic

Ben Franklin had a very charismatic personality. He made business connections and friends everywhere he went. He was not shy by nature and had a friendly nature. A biographer, Walter Isaacson once said that, Franklin had a talent of being happy in every company, be it of wealthy merchants or scrappy tradesmen. 

This magnetic personality was an asset to Ben because he had gained many good friends and business proposals because of this.


People live and then die but some live forever in our hearts because of their personality and the ease they bought in our lives. One such person is Benjamin Franklin. He still rules people’s heart because of his kind heart and unique discoveries in the World of science and politics. 

Besides, he was a man of dignity and rules. Ben was a brave man who liked to follow his heart and thoughts, no matter if that goes opposite to the social norms.