New Memories from Fans of The Wizard of Oz!

When I was a little kid, my dad would give me baths and he would always read The Wizard of Oz to me. It was like this for at least a year, and it quickly became our favorite movie/book to watch together. Right before my dad died, about 2 years ago, I was visiting him in the hospital and we turned on the TV and the Wizard of Oz was playing. We sat on his hospital bed together for almost 2 hours. I would run out at commercials to get food from the cafeteria. It was one of the greatest days ever, getting to be with my dad and watch our favorite movie.

– Allison G.

While watching The Wizard of Oz with my then pre-teen son, he looked at me while Dorothy was singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and said, “This makes the whole movie worth watching.” Ever since then, every time I watch it, when that part comes up, I smile.

– Jessie G.

When I was a young boy my father was stricken with a stroke. I really never knew him as he was bedridden and lived in an assisted living home. One time he called and asked if I would like to visit him. I said yes and to this day never regretted it. He was such a good person and for once I felt whole. We visited for a short while about school, baseball, and the like, and then he asked me (I am sobbing as I write this) if I would like to watch a movie. I, of course, said yes. Well, needless to say, the movie was the Wizard Of Oz. I was totally awestruck not only with the movie but for the one and only chance I was able to spend time with my biological father. The Wizard Of Oz is my all-time favorite movie. I watch it now with my daughters and grandchildren and always tear up. I have never told them or anyone why until now. I can only hope someday my daughters and grandchildren remember the times we watched this wonderful saga of love and human spirit when I am once again with my father and mother.

– Barry B.

Seeing The Wizard of Oz on TV is actually one of my first memories. I remember sitting on the floor with my mom and watching the scene where Dorothy is leaving Munchkinland to start out on her journey. I remember very clearly my mom saying to me “That’s Dorothy.” And the movie has been a part of my life ever since…for almost 40 years!

– John N.

As I was growing up in St. Louis, Mo., the oldest of four kids, every year we would gather around our T.V. and watch the Wizard of Oz. But, first, we prepared by popping popcorn on the stovetop and coating it with real butter and pouring big glasses of 7Up to go with it.

As I began my own family I greatly anticipated sharing this family favorite with my own children, along with the popcorn and soda. And, now I share it with great delight with all four of my grandchildren who also enjoy the family time with Nana and PawPaw. The Wizard of Oz has spanned three generations in our family so far and I look forward to carrying on the tradition with all of our progeny.

– Deborah K.