Most Popular Handbag Designers

Every woman includes Hillary Clinton, appreciate good quality handbags. In this day and age, bags articles are considered as style statement. Most important that it has turned out to be a necessity.

We all know that handbags are essential for our daily life, but nowadays, ladies have got too much conscious and cognizant regarding bags. If you are women, you never say NO to a bag.  We have a massive variety of handbags in a market where you can choose according to your choice, style, trends and stuff.

Many famous brands like Fendi, กระเป๋าชาแนลก๊อป Marc, and Jacobs showcase their new collection that is well-liked, and people buy it everywhere. Very designer กระเป๋าก๊อปแบรนด์ has its own quality such as Louis Vuitton make classic and contemporary style handbags that are loved by celebrities.

If you are going to buy handbags, it is essential to get knowledge of crowning and topmost bag brands because these designer bags are a little too expensive for the average person. When you buy them without prior knowledge, it is not a good thing to do.

Here we have discussed the popular handbag designer and their qualities.


If we talk about quality in bags, Prada is one of the top brands that never compromise for quality. It is an Italian brand and found in 1913 to provides expensive, swanky and glamourous bags. With time, Prada is spicing up their designs in more sleek looks and fatly moving toward making more trendy and modish bags. Along with bags, this trademark also producing a wide range of products such as perfumes, clothes, footwear, watches, and jewellery.

Michael Kors

In 1981, Michael David Kors launched his women’s apparel line. Whatever job he was done, whether it was outfitting first lady Michelle Obama, he always solidified himself as a true artist in the fashion field. It was 2001 when Michal Kors showcases his handbag collection, and now you can find them all over the world.

The best thing about these bags is the timeless quality, as according to Michael, his approach is pragmatic indulgence because our lifestyle is all about timeless quality. If you are looking for something that has clean lines cut and give you the feels of both chic and luxury Michael Lords is your destination.


It is a brand with a 90-year history of fashion, quality and opulence. This brand is used by Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline Kennedy and become the symbol of wealth.

The brand has practised a renaissance many times over the years; it has never lost its brand gratitude, thanks in no small part to its interlinking GG name logo.  The Gucci handbags can be bought from around $700 to $5,000. You can find them at fine stores, Gucci boutiques, and at Gucci online platform.

Louis Vuitton

Some famous designs include the Never full and the Alma bag, but the brand has developed for creating fresh new looks every time thanks to its fledgeling design control. Although the classic brown canvas with the LV monogram is the hands-down beloved, we can also find leather and Vermis leather that is a patent calfskin leather in designs and solid colours.

This brand is loved by many celebrities like Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, housewives and executives. Sometimes the demand for this brand of bags exceeds supply, and knock-off runs rampant.

Marc Jacobs

In spite of the circumstance that Marc oversees his own line and Louis Vuitton, the brands are fundamentally different from each other. Marc Jacobs handbags are more sophisticated yet casual and chic. The Marc by Marc Jacobs brand marks a 17 to a 45-year-old woman with a New York sense of stylishness and a wish for high eminence, as labelled in the market brand inspection set by Charlotte O’Halloran, a Marc Jacobs worker. The Employee and Traveler bags are some of the Marc Jacobs favourites.

Marc Jacobs bags are estimated from $600 to $12,000 and can be obtained at fine section stores, at one of the 14 Marc Jacobs free-standing stores, or at the online site