Make your Kids’ Quarantine Time More Meaningful While Keeping Fun Alive

Life has become a constant struggle

No more public gatherings. Kids are at home. The headache of work from home. And then there are also never-ending house chores. So, it has become hard for parents to juggle between house chores and work from home activities. On top of that, they also have to entertain kids who are at home with no option of outdoor activities.

It’s been more than two months, and now parents have run out of fun activities to keep their kids engaged during this quarantine time. Kids are done with exploring different apps; they are fed-up with playing online games, cartoons don’t excite them anymore, and toys also seem boring to them. 

In this situation, if you are also one of those parents who are scratching their heads while thinking about what to do to engage kids, then you are not alone. Many parents are facing this issue. So, we have thought to become your savior.

Here we have come up with some ideas to make fun in your little munchkins’ lives a bit more meaningful:

Unleash Creativity with a Twist:

There is an artist in every kid, and this is the right time to let that artist shine. But instead of giving them just a drawing pad and pencil, add some more meaning and fun in their creative activities. Give life to their drawings!

Let your kids create drawings through the prinker app and turn their art into Prinker Tattoos. Your kids will just love it because who doesn’t like seeing their art coming to life? It will keep your kids engaged and also add some meaningful twist in their activities.

Organize Contests and Daily Projects:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sure. But not studying at all is also not a good thing for kids.

Kids are having some time off, but don’t let them de-track from their studies during this time. Try to keep them in touch with their studies through fun and innovative ideas. Organize small quizzes, comprehension contests, or assign them book-reading tasks. It might get boring for them, so give them small prizes, like give them a tattoo for every task completion, and the one with the most tattoos will get a grand prize.

It will keep them hooked with their studies as well as keep the fun factor alive.

Create a Family Memory Book:

We have all gone through this fight with COVID-19 together, and it has helped us to create many family memories.  Do something fun like dress up with an option like Blossom Costumes’ men’s halloween costumes and other ones as well.

How did we manage to have fun? How did we try to boost each other’s morale? How did we work to sneak some laughter in our lives? It all is meaningful and worth saving in our memories forever. So, shouldn’t you save these memories in your memory book?

Take pictures with your kids of all those moments when they are drawing, getting happy to see their drawings coming to life in the form of tattoos, or winning contests, and save them in your memory book.

We know it is a hard time, but it will end soon. It is up to us how we can turn this state of despair into creating meaningful memories with our families. And now you know how to do that. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have some meaningful fun. Happy quarantine!