Magnetic locks: an explainer

We all want to keep our homes and businesses safe. While smart technology is helping us to reach new levels of home security, there are other ways to keep our property and possessions secure.

While it is important to use new technology safely, tried and tested security measures such as magnetic locks are still very popular.

In this article, we go in depth on magnetic locks to help you make smart security choices.

What is a magnetic lock?

A magnetic lock is a lock that uses magnets to secure itself together, rather than a traditional lock and key system.

Magnetic locks are not that new, but the technology has advanced considerably in the last few years.

How do magnetic locks work?

Magnetic door locks use electromagnetic force to secure doors and increase their security.

The force binds the lock together to create a powerful lock that is extremely difficult to breach. Magnetic locks require an electric current to work.

Where can magnetic locks be used?

Magnetic locks have been designed to suit a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications. Offering high-level security solutions wherever required.

Below, we look at a few different applications for magnetic locks.

Automatic locking doors

Automatic locking doors are a great feature, as they provide peace of mind for those of us who forget to lock doors behind us.

Magnetic door locks are essential for automatic locking doors, as they will seal the door shut after a certain amount of time pre-programmed into a connected timer. The amount of time before locking can be set remotely.

Security gates

Security gates on private homes and commercial buildings will most commonly use magnetic locks to secure themselves shut.

These locks can be controlled remotely via a clicker or an intercom system within the building. Giving residents or building workers control over who and how they enter the premises.

Fire doors

Fire doors in public building such as hospitals and private buildings like care homes may install automatic magnetic locks on fire doors to inhibit the spread of fire in an emergency.

This could help fire be contained. Although, manual unlocking buttons would be needed to ensure no one is trapped.

Magnetic locks have many uses and can be applied to almost any locking system. If you need enhanced security and ease of access, a magnetic lock might be what you are looking for.