Love Your Wife but Love the Environment Too – Eco-Friendly Options for Wedding Bands

While traditionally, metals like gold, silver, and platinum have been popular choices for wedding rings, a cloud has been cast over them by environmentalists protesting about the environmental impact of the mining process. The outcry for taking better care of our environment is growing by the day, and gentlemen who are sensitive to this cannot help but take it into account in whatever they do, including choosing their wedding bands.

The Negative Impact by Irresponsible Mining on the Environment 

Many precious metals like gold, silver, platinum as well as gemstones like emeralds and diamonds are prized not only because of their looks but also because they are rare. According to the Smithsonian magazine, 20 tons of earth is excavated and discarded to yield enough gold for a single 0.333 ounce 18-karat gold ring. Mining not only results in the erosion of the soil but pollutes the water sources significantly and increases the emission of greenhouse gases. The wastes produced by mining activities harm the environment considerably making it unsuitable for any other use thereafter. Mining labor in the poorer countries made to work in unhealthy and unsafe conditions for a pittance.

Caring for the Environment

Given the huge impact on the environment caused by the irresponsible mining of conventional precious metals, you should try to choose an eco-friendly wedding band as a token of your concern. If you visit the website of Epic Bands, you will be amazed to discover the variety of options of eco-friendly wedding rings available. You can find something made out of wood, tungsten, ceramic, carbon fiber, and even dinosaur bone and antler that not only look awesome but have a minimal impact on the environment. Some other materials, you can consider include titanium, cobalt, and meteorite that are a rage nowadays among men who want to make a mark with a distinctive wedding band.

How Can You Be Eco-Friendly? 

There are quite a few ways you can show your concern for the environment and lessen your impact on it. These include:

Pre-owned rings: You can get a good selection of used wedding rings from antique dealers, estate sales, pawnshops, and individuals in need of money. With perseverance and luck, you will be able to find a wedding ring you will love to wear at a reasonable price that saves you from buying a new one and being instrumental in ecological damage.

Recycled rings: You can get new rings made from jewelry that you already own, use family heirlooms, or even buy from stores that specialize in selling rings made out of recycled metals, pre-owned or Fair-trade gemstones.

Rings from manmade materials: Rather than used mined metals and gemstones, you can opt for lab-grown diamonds or rings made from manufactured materials like ceramic, silicone, and stainless steel, or even organic materials like wood, antler, carbon fiber, etc.

Another way to contribute to environmental issues is to take care of your rings to keep them for a long time. To do this, we recommend cleaning them and storing them in a wooden jewelry box designed for weddings. You can buy it online or in physical stores depending on your availability.”


Getting married is a special event, and you can make it even better by using the occasion to demonstrate your care and concern for the environment. Instead of blindly choosing conventional metals, you can discover a wide choice of alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly.