Looking for Grilling Gifts: What are the New Options to Explore in 2021?

Giving gifts to someone we know well, or someone you care about is much more challenging than just buying something for yourself. That is because we hope to fill our loved ones with awe by getting the thing they will cherish and love. That is why there is no better way of buying a perfect gift but knowing about someone’s passions, likings, or interests.

That’s why, if your father is a griller, your dad presents are almost always related to grilling. But then, finding a new and overwhelmingly blissful grilling gift every year is not an easy job!

But thankfully, with the development of new technologies and the wealth of ideas on the world wide web, each year, companies are producing a wave of new products to add ease, style, and/or elegance to the things we have been doing for ages! All you get to do is to stay updated about the new arrivals in the market.

There is a range of grilling gift options we have in 2021 as new additions. They can be an outstanding gift for people passionate about grilling or bought a grilling machine as their new interest. Even you may not want to miss having some of them in your collection if you are a griller yourself.

Here are some Extraordinary Grilling Gift Ideas You Must Explore

Upcycled Hockey Stick BBQ Tools

They are BBQ utensils upcycled from actual hockey sticks that were broken and became only trash to throw away. That’s when two amazingly creative guys saw possibilities in turning them into something useful. They made these grilling tools that come in a set consisting of a spatula, fork, and tongs. And if you look, there is a bottle opener too, at the end of the spatula – how cool is that?!

Hockey sticks are typically excellent for gripping, and very lightweight and sturdy at the same time. This is why these stylish utensils are comfortable to hold and makes a great gift for the sports enthusiast friend or family member.

I personally love them because they are a product of upcycling since it results in less waste and more energy saving. But if your friend is a Canadian, then this is it, there is no more need to hunt!

Automatic Grill Cleaner

I don’t know anyone who likes cleaning; the same would go for any griller -the fun of grilling withers away when we are faced with the hassle of cleaning the grill.

But, what if a robot does it for you? It sounds like a fantasy, right? Well, you can still have it, if not for necessity, but to spoil yourself or your loved one a bit!

However, this robot is not a life-size one; it’s more like a toy, which you can easily carry.

Similar to the kid’s bump-n-go toy, it keeps changing direction upon hitting something; thus, it bounces around your grill and cleans it with its three rotating brushes to scrape away any leftovers from the grill. Once turned on, it keeps on scraping and won’t stop its action until you switch it off.


It would look more like a hair curler or a microphone to you; however, it is a super crazy charcoal and kindling lighter, the Looftlighter, named after its Swedish inventor, actor-director Richard Looft.

This lighter is one of its kinds for its magical power of igniting a pile of charcoal in around just 60 seconds. That is too without using any lighter fluid, which makes it more desirable since the meat’s flavor can be tainted by those lighter fluids.

Technically, it works by forcing the air to blow over a heating element to ignite the kindling and charcoal. It works on paper too. And despite being only two pounds, it can heat the air more than 1250F, – which is mindblowing!

Besides, all these goodnesses, there are two more aspects to praise about this thoughtful innovation_

1. It ignites the charcoal without creating a mess.

2. It comes with a built-in stand so that you can put it down without bothering about the surface.

Plus, its handle contains a bottle opener. What more do you want!

Dual-Probe Wireless Thermometer

The griller often stays alone and working the whole time, while others just come from time to time to tell what fun they have missed out there! What about a device that would finally let you enjoy the party without hindering your grilling process since you will be virtually keeping an eye on them?

So, next on my list is the dual-probe digital thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of your meat while it’s roasting or smoking. You will get these thermometers of different brands in the market; the better the brand, the better the service you can expect.

With a good one from a good brand, you can keep your meat on the check from a distance up to 15 feet by connecting it via Bluetooth to your Smartphone while enjoying the party with everyone else; the app will let you know when the meat is done.

They may enable you to connect up to four probes with a single unit, simultaneously, to monitor four pieces of meat at a time. All you need is two more probes; buy them additionally with your device if it supports it.

They can have an impressively long battery life too. Good brand products will last for up to 200 hours – that is a lot of grilling time. Besides, you may also get accurate reading from them without having a Smartphone; they will give it right on the base unit.


Research which gas grill will work best for you before paying more than you need to.  A gift that supports your loved one’s passion lets them indulge in that work more while reminding them of you every time they use the gift. Therefore, I hope this article will help you to decide on a great gift, something to treasure for a lifetime.