List of Books Written by Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt has been renowned for his remarkable feats as the President of the United States. It’s no wonder, as he implemented progressive reforms and policies, such as antitrust campaigns, railroad regulation, conservation movements, and programs aimed to make society fair and equitable for all citizens. All those were contributions that made him one of the most dynamic leaders in White History.

Yet, not many are aware that beyond his impulsive personality, love for the outdoors, strong physique, and high energy level, Roosevelt was a prolific writer. He penned nearly 40 books, scads of letters estimated to be over 150,000, plus speeches, articles, journals, and an autobiography.

Teddy’s innate talent in words was impeccable, even helping him survive tough times. When he lost his fortune in the Badlands in the Dakota Territory, it was writing that allowed him to support his family. His works became his primary source of living throughout his life and not the meager salaries he earned as an elected public official.

His first book “The Naval War of 1812” was published in 1882, covering the naval battles and technologies of the aforementioned conflict. It was considered one of the best works in its field, a transformative book that not only inspired other writers but also had an influence on the formation of the modern U.S. Navy.

Roosevelt’s most ambitious work was “The Winning of the West,” a four-volume narrative, two published in 1889, one in 1984, and the last book in 1896. It was an award-winning account of the American frontier, expansion, and settlement in the West.

His other expositions were also well-praised. His 1899 work “The Rough Riders” tells the history of one of the country’s most interesting regiments. Meanwhile, “African Game Trails,” published in 1910 features his detailed account of his remarkable adventure in the safari, describing the thrill of the chase, the people he encountered, and all the animals and plants he collected for science.

Roosevelt also didn’t fail to share his fascinating life, beliefs, and interests with others as seen in his book “The Strenuous Life” in 1900, and his autobiography in 1913.

Summing it all up, Roosevelt’s writing styling varied, from being powerful, contemplative, lighthearted, or otherwise vexed wherever needed. He also delved into topics and covered other genres like commentaries, memoirs, guide books, and nature books featuring wildlife – proving his incredible writing prowess. His works remain a delight to read today and will certainly be in future generations.

Here are the books Theodore Roosevelt wrote in chronological order:

  • The Naval War of 1812 (1882)
  • Hunting Trips of a Ranchman (1885)
  • Thomas H. Benton (1886)
  • Essays on Practical Politics (1888)
  • Gouverneur Morris: The Study of His Life and Work (1888)
  • Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail (1888)
  • The Winning of the West, Volume I: From the Alleghenies to the Mississippi (1889)
  • The Winning of the West, Volume II: In the Current of the Revolution (1889)
  • New York (1891)
  • The Wilderness Hunter (1893)
  • American Big Game (1893)
  • The Winning of the West, Volume III: The War in the Northwest (1894)
  • Hero Tales from American History  Lodge (1895)
  • Hunting in Many Lands (1895)
  • The Winning of the West, Volume IV (1896)
  • American Ideals: And Other Essays, Social and Political (1897)
  • Some American Game (1897)
  • Trail and Campfire (1897)
  • The Rough Riders (1899)
  • Oliver Cromwell (1900)
  • The Strenuous Life (1900)
  • The Naval Operations of the War between Great Britain and the United States (1901)
  • The Deer Family (1902)
  • Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter (1905)
  • Good Hunting: In Pursuit of Big Game in the West (1907)
  • Outdoor Editorials (1909)
  • African and European Addresses (1910)
  • African Game Trails (1910)
  • American Problems (1910)
  • The New Nationalism (1910)
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (1910)
  • The Conservation of Womanhood and Childhood (1912)
  • Realizable Goals (1912)
  • Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography (1913)
  • History as Literature (1913)
  • Progressive Principles (1913)
  • Through the Brazilian Wilderness (1914)
  • African Game Animals (1914)
  • America and the World War (1915)
  • A Book-Lovers Holiday in the Open (1916)
  • Fear God and Take Your Own Part (1916)
  • The Foes of Our Own Household (1917)
  • Social Justice and Popular Rule (1917)
  • National Strength and International Duty (1917)
  • The Great Adventure (1918)
  • Letters to His Children (1919)