Learn More About Memorial Gift Trees This Holiday Season

If your friend or colleague has lost a loved one, you would want to send them a gift to show that you care during the difficult moment.

There are so many gift options, from flowers to cards, but a memorial gift that will last forever and serve as a reminder of the precious life of the person who passed away holds more sentimental value.

Why Memorial Gift Trees are Ideal for a Grieving Family

Here are 4 reasons you should consider a memorial tree as a gift. A memorial tree is one of those gifts that are A Living Tribute to a well-lived life.  Learn more about memorial gift trees.

An Everlasting Gift

Friends and colleagues offer family funeral flowers when they lose a loved one. Although they brighten the home, they die soon after and are disregarded. On the other hand, a memorial tree honors and commemorates the precious lost life for generations.

The tree becomes a physical reminder of a life that touched lives and impacted the community for many years. It continues the legacy, serves as a reminder of a life well lived, and has a deep meaning for the people receiving it.

Makes an Environmental Difference

As memorial gift trees honour a lost life, they also benefit the environment. Deforestation and wildfires have had a significant impact on our forests. They have led to an increase in greenhouse gases, flooding, soil erosion, and more.

These effects have led to human and animal suffering. You can be part of the cure by gifting families a memorial tree. Although nothing can replace the lost life, a memorial tree grants a new life to the earth and heals mother nature.  It brings the much-needed cure.

Represents a Precious Life

Consider a memorial tree if you are wondering which gift to give a grieving family. As they see a tree growing up, they will remember their loved ones.

It will signify that they are shining bright wherever they are, and their soul is at peace. As a result, the grieving family will be a step toward healing and closure. Planting and caring for the tree will also be therapeutic, especially if they love nature.

Where Can I Plant a Memorial Tree?

Choosing where to plant a memorial tree is vital. Consider planting the tree in your garden to keep the memories close. Planting it in a place that held sentimental value to the deceased or a place they visited frequently is also ideal.

You can also plant the tree away from home, in a forest, or in a park to bring joy and peace to more people as it grows. Adding a stone or a bench next to the tree makes the place even more special.

Memorial Tree Ideas

  1. Cherry Blossom. It’s beautiful, optimistic, and captivating with double pink flowers.
  2. Saguaro (Carnegiea Gigantea). It’s a tree-like cactus that can live for up to 200 years.
  3. Lowering Crab Apple. It’s delicate and lovely with double-pink flowers that blossom towards the end of spring.
  4. Ornamental Pear. It represents resilience and hope and blossoms with beautiful white flowers.
  5. Texas Mountain Laurel. It blossoms with purple flowers and performs perfectly in a small space and requires minimal maintenance.

A Memorial Tree to Show How Much you Care

People frequently send and receive bouquets that don’t last during and after funerals. But when the grieving family receives memorial gift trees, they constantly remind them of your kind gesture and represent a well-lived life.