La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington

La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas – a Unique Ride Experience

La Vibora starts out like most any other coaster – with an incline.  But this roller coaster is a bit different… at the top you see that there are no tracks – it’s basically a bobsled ride – and aways you go. On your way down you go through a series of sudden stops and turns.

What is great about the ride is the fact there there are no tracks. It kind of makes you feel like you’re on a snow mobile and gliding down the ride versus the ride car being tightly controlled by the track rails  This effect also makes it feel like on the sharper turns you feel like you’re going to fall.  Another positive is that the height requirement is pretty low so its great for families.

La Vibora Front Seat On-Ride Video at Six Flags Over Texas

A little bit of La Vibora information and history

La Vibora (English: “The Viper”) is located at Six Flags Over Texas in the city of Arlington between Dallas and Fort Worth.  Its one of the theme park’s most popular and talked-about rides. It’s not just your conventional roller coaster. Instead of riding in cars that are run on rigid rails like those of the usual roller coaster, La Vibora has free-rolling cars that glide on winding pipe-like troughs, just like riding on the bobsled.

The La Vibora ride first appeared at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita, California in 1984, under its initial name of “Sarajevo Bobsled.” However, in 1986 the roller-coaster ride was moved to Six Flags Over Texas and was then re-named the “Avalanche Bobsled.”

Since this uniquely original roller-coaster ride resembles a snake, it was then re-christened as La Vibora and was given a new look to match with the theme of Six Flags Over Texas’ Mexico & Spain section.

This ride has been recorded by patrons and uploaded on their YouTube accounts.  Just checking out a few of those videos makes it clear why it is still one of the more popular attractions at Six Flags Over Texas. You will feel the thrill and adrenalin rush as if you experience riding on the La Vibora itself!

A Few Trivia Bits About La Vibora

  • La Vibora is one of Six Flags Over Texas’ most popular attractions, generating about 600 to 675 riders per hour
  • La Vibora measures 60 feet high and reaches its top speed at 32 miles per hour
  • Noting how the cars at La Vibora run freely through those pipe-like, rail-less troughs, any amount of precipitation — even light sprinkles — can definitely affect the roller coaster’s performance and the rider’s experience. For safety reasons, La Vibora’s operations are shut down altogether whenever this type of weather occurs. Don’t worry, you can enjoy other rides at Six Flags that still operate under light to moderate rains, if you’re ready to get wet a bit.
  • Its top speed is 32 miles per hour
  • The height requirement is 3′ 6″

La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas – Bobsled Roller Coaster

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