Know More About Theodore Roosevelt’s Personality

Theodore Roosevelt is born on the 27th of October, 1858, and is known as the 26th President of the United States from the year 1901 to 1909. Aside from being known as one of the presidents, Roosevelt is also a soldier, naturalist, leader of the Republican Party, explorer, statesman, and author. As a young kid, Roosevelt was always an intelligent one since he had several different interests. However, the traits he has as a young kid have been his character that later on shaped his personality. As a president, Roosevelt has become the driving force for the Progressive Era in the early 20th century.

The most notable personality of Theodore Roosevelt is freedom. In fact, he attracts various people from all walks of life and made friends easily. Moreover, he has his own way of words and the ability to motivate others. With that, Roosevelt has also been happy and successful in advertising, sales, publicity, politics, promotion, and any other profession requiring communication skills or understanding people.

Also known as Teddy, he possesses a variety of abilities and is multi-talented. However, focus and discipline are some of his primary keys to success. According to him, without discipline and focus, many of his tasks will remain unfinished. Also, he will fail to realize the fruits of his abilities. As well as that, Roosevelt believes that with perseverance and hard work, the sky will be your limit.

Aside from being a determined and focused leader, Roosevelt was also attracted to self-employment. Yet, it challenges him to settle into one area in order to cultivate his ability to attain success and earn a living. He believes that once he finds his niche, the inspirations and motivation he supplies to others will bring him much success in the future. Not only that, but Roosevelt powerfully thought that through this, he would find his colleagues and friends promoting and supporting him through the road to success.

Although Roosevelt was often a late-bloomer and in need to experience life before he can truly commit to his desires, Teddy is challenged to learn the true meaning of freedom through his journey. Furthermore, Theodore Roosevelt loves to taste all of the life could offer. Thus, adding more flavors to his personality. In fact, Roosevelt has been inclined to performing. He is a good performer, but at the same time, he can be pretty serious and intense. His artistic talent was seen in the performing arts, where the understanding and sensitivity for people is called for. He is also dedicated to playing fair and had led him to the reform of several corrupt government organizations and offices. He is also known for busting the most significant corporate trust in U.S history.

As well as that, Theodore Roosevelt has easily gained high respect in the community since he has been understanding of the views of others and was tend to achieve his goals. Roosevelt has also balanced the ability to emphasize and leadership qualities. Through these, he radiates happiness and love to those that are around him.

Furthermore, Theodore Roosevelt has been notable for his personality traits, including tenacity, hard work, friendship, compassion, respect, and infectious optimism. Also, it is quite shocking that Roosevelt has numerous hobbies, including skinny-dipping, polo, hiking, boxing, tennis, reading, writing, hunting, and spending time with his beloved six children. In fact, throughout his life, Theodore Roosevelt was always on the go. But despite that, he is a proud family man who loves his family dearly. When he was away, he used to write to his family frequently.

With all the things mentioned above, few only know that he is sickly and asthmatic as a kid. Due to this fact, Roosevelt was bullied in his younger years, but that does not stop him from soaring into a famous figure we all know and loved. Because of his determinism and vigorous exercise, Roosevelt had overcome his sickly childhood years. Because of his many great personalities, Theodore Roosevelt had become a timeless model. From an insatiably curious child, he had become an active young man that had finally become a revolutionary politician.