Introduction to Peter Pevensie’s Rhindon Sword from the Chronicles of Narnia

What is the Rhindon Sword?

Every magical and fictional world has weapons that the protagonists may use to defeat evils, and one of them is the Rhindon Sword. This sword is one of the weapons shown in the famous film series, The Chronicles of Narnia. These films were based on the book series written by author C. S. Lewis. The sword, Rhindon, was wielded by Peter, the oldest among the other three Pevensie –Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.

During their stay in Narnia, the Pevensie siblings were crowned as Kings and Queens. They were known as Queen Lucy the Valiant, King Edmund the Just, Queen Susan the Gentle, and High King Peter the Magnificent, who owned the Rhindon sword. This sword, along with a shield, was given to him bya gift-giving figure known as Father Christmas before the end of the Long Winter.

What does the Sword Rhindon look like?

Initially, in the novels written by C. S. Lewis, there isn’t much information mentioned about the Rhindon sword. It just described some certain features, including the sword’s golden hilt, and the sword’s perfect size and weight fit for its wielder, Peter Pevensie. Also, the sword Rhindon comes with a sheath and a sword-belt.

Subsequently, hundreds of Narnian years later, Peter was able to retrieve the sword from Cair Pravel’s Treasure Room. Even though many years had passed, the sword Rhindon remained rustless and was able to be withdrawn smoothly out of its sheath.

However, in the films released by Disney, the Rhindon sword’s pommel was shaped like a golden lion’s head. Also, the sword’s red grip was bisected by a golden ring. Its blade was silver in color, with golden words engraved on each side of the blade. These words that seem like a riddle were inspired on a quote prophesized by a good-hearted beaver named Mr. Beaver.

One side has words that read: “When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets its death.”On the other side of the silver blade, it has words that say: “When He Shakes His Mane, We Shall Have Spring Again.”

In “Prince Caspian,” Peter then passed the sword to Prince Caspian, whom he deemed as the rightful King of Narnia. Subsequently, in “The Voyage of Dawn Treader,” Prince Caspian gives the sword to Edmund. It was also there when the magical properties of the sword were revealed. The Rhindon sword glows blue, just like the Seven Swords, the magical seven blades created by Aslan.

Peter Pevensie and the Sword Rhindon

During the series, in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” Peter was first seen using his Rhindon sword. He drew the sword when the wolf Maugrim (also Fenris Ulf) had attacked his sisters at the Aslan’s Camp. Successfully, Peter killed the wolf Maugrim and saved her sisters from the talking wolf. Later on, he used his sword during the Battle of Beruna, the first major battle in Narnian history. He also used his sword to fight the White Witch Jadis, the self-declared Queen of Charn, that once become the most infamous ruler of Narnia.

In “The Horse and His Boy,” it is not directly mentioned whether Peter used his sword to drive away giants in the northern boundary of Narnia.

Subsequently, in “The Prince Caspian” series, Peter also used his sword Rhindon. After they returned to Narnia 1,303 Narnian years later, Peter retrieved the sword from the Treasure Room of the castle Cair Paravel.

He found out that the Rhindon sword remains rustless, one of its magical characteristics. One of the battles wherein he used his sword was when he dueled against the unrightfully ruler of the Kingdom of Narnia, King Miraz, during the Narnian Revolution. Following that event, he also used his sword in the subsequent battle.

After the Narnian Revolution, also known as the War of Deliverance, Peter returned to his home. It is not known where his sword is after that, although it is assumed that the sword was probably destroyed along with the rest of Narnia. However, after the Pevensies entered Aslan’s country, King Tirian, the last monarch of Narnia, met them. All of the men were holding swords, but it is unknown whether the sword Peter was holding is the Rhindon sword.