How to select the best web development for a business website – Tips from Mike Giannulis

Creating a website is a challenging task for most people. It usually involves much confusing jargon and hidden costs that people aren’t aware of. It is the reason why business owners take the help of a specialized web developer for technical assistance.

Mike Giannulis asks relevant questions.

Every new project comes with a distinctive need. Hence, when approaching an ace web designer or developer, you need to ask a set of questions. When you ask relevant questions, it will help you to know what you want for your website. It will ensure that you and your web developer agree on the same topics. Mike Giannulis shares a few questions that you need to ask your web developer to make the best decision.

1. What will the development and design process?

The way a web developer approaches setting up a website will speak volumes about their know-how. You need to know the ways to communicate as you work on the project. It is essential to see if you will use direct messages, phone calls, or email. It is also necessary to know whether you will be interacting daily or a couple of times in the week. Will you be interacting as and when there is doubt? When you have regular contact and update routine, you will feel confident about the web developer. It will give you more confidence in your project. It is essential to discuss the ways to track deadlines, tasks, and milestones. Furthermore, it would help if you made your communications and project management trackable and centralized.

2. What is the technology in use?

You need to make sure that your web developer follows the best practices to provide you with a future-proof and high-end website. The leading-edge website design software comprises multiple features like drag and drop and might not require a coding experience. The web developer needs to have sound know-how about the latest technologies to harness the same to create an advanced website. The tool kit should have developed and tried and tested software along with custom software developments.

3. Will the website be unique to you?

There are web developers who use outdated website themes and do not mention the same to the client. It is necessary to ask the web developer if they will resort to a pre-made website template or bank on their graphic design know-how to create a bespoke website for you, customized for your requirements. Is it the first time that you are working with a web developer? If yes, you might have to consider aspects like user interface design, back-end and front-end development, and many other elements. Most expert web developers usually have one or more expertise. And you might need to split the budget between two people or more when your web development project needs a vast range of know-how and skills.

Business houses need to pay close attention to their web development. These are some of the critical questions to ask so that you choose the correct service provider.