How to Organize Your Vanity Drawers?

No one has the time to go rummaging in vanity drawers. That’s why it’s crucial to keep them organized. With the right way of arranging your makeup products, finding what you need makes mornings less stressful and easier. You will feel less anxious and more joyful when things seem more orderly. Additionally, it stops you from losing things and having to buy replacements.

The best vanity drawers will improve your area. Still, techniques for arranging the space it creates are also necessary to ensure that your makeup products don’t detract from the space’s aesthetic appeal.

While it may be challenging to arrange things like your makeup, these ideas for organizing your vanity drawers can help ease some of the difficulty.

FIRST STEP: Empty your vanity drawers

Decluttering is always the simplest task. In every organizing project, taking everything out is the first step. As for organizing vanity drawers, you need to spread a towel on your counter and put your cosmetic products so you won’t have to worry about everything sliding off the floor. SECOND STEP: Purge expired items from your vanity drawers

Keep in mind that makeup does expire! Getting new makeup is advisable instead of using expired or ineffective products. This phase requires honesty with yourself because it serves no purpose to keep things that are expired or that you don’t wear. If you have makeup items you haven’t used in at least six months, it’s time to throw them away! Chances are you won’t use them again if you haven’t in a while, and if it’s makeup, it’s probably over its expiration date.

THIRD STEP: Sort your makeup items!

Look over what you have carefully. Sort the makeup items on the towel into groups based on similarity. These included my hair, nails, cosmetics, and big bottles of hairspray, among other things.

FOURTH STEP: Clean your vanity drawer

This is a must, especially if you have spills and makeup residue. Removing them with a handheld vacuum or a wet, damp cloth takes a few seconds. Know the type of drawer and what cleaner you need to use so you won’t end up leaving etches in your vanity drawer.

FIFTH STEP: Add a paper liner at the bottom

In the base of your vanity drawers, you can place a cute paper liner of your choice! While this is purely optional, the process is entertaining and can also protect your vanity drawers from minor spills and stains. Cut out a paper liner of the same size as the base of your vanity drawers. Place it neatly inside your vanity drawer to avoid getting it crooked.

SIXTH STEP: Choose your compartments

This is also a crucial step in organizing your vanity drawers! Compartments can make and take up so much space in your vanity drawers, so it is advised to pick them wisely! After placing a paper liner, choose compartments where you can place your makeup products that match their size the best.

Utilize similar product lines for flexibility and modularity. That makes it simple to tweak things up when you want to get an item or alter the arrangements in the future. Make DIY dividers if you can’t afford to buy new ones. Use deep containers for toiletries and products standing up, such as perfumes or hairspray bottles.

To keep the drawer bright and make it easy to view everything, you can use white containers for this. On the other hand, buying transparent containers can make your vanity drawers look neat and clean! In addition to that, purchasing a jar goes a long way. Use any jars you prefer, such as empty candle jars, pesto jars, mason jars, and old baby food jars. You can always repurpose your stuff at home. If you don’t want to go out and buy expensive jars—look around your home!

SEVENTH STEP: Choose where you want to place everything

This is the organizing stage where you don’t know where to begin. That is typical but also the exciting part!

Of course, to determine how things fit best, a lot of trial and error is also required during this process stage. However, you can simply begin where it is most convenient. Check how much can fit in your vanity drawers. Start by locating the least-used items at the bottom of your vanity drawers or difficult-to-reach places, then on to the more crucial daily necessities.

Larger makeup items or objects not used as frequently can be arranged inside their separate section beneath the organizer at the bottom of your vanity drawer. You have to make sure to place makeup items you use on a daily basis so you can easily reach them!

Utilizing vertical space is the best approach to maximize the space, especially when you have a tiny vanity drawer organizer. You can as well use an expandable hanging vanity drawer organizer to leave room for more items beneath it.

Organize your vanity drawers now!

It’s fun to look at your vanity drawer in place! You will surely anticipate your morning routine with your newly arranged makeup products. Plus, it doesn’t need to be a difficult job that costs a lot of money. The solution is a straightforward organizer and a few containers.

This easy process should only take you around 15 minutes, whether you want to completely arrange your vanity drawers or just throw away the outdated cosmetics.

Get your vanity drawers organized right now! You’ll surely be happy that you did.