How to Improve Your Style as a Man

As time goes on, men’s fashion has begun to creep up to the level of women’s fashion with some fashion trends started by movies.. People are still very stereotypical and relate a love for fashion to the female world, however, they couldn’t be more wrong. Looking stylish as a man will get you a lot of attention and can do wonders for your image. It is great for self-confidence, which people love and admire. This will make you feel good in return, which is very important for happiness and self-esteem. Having a good image can also improve your life professionally as well as socially. Whatever your reasons may be if you feel like you want to improve your style as a man, here are some tips on how to do so. 

Update Your Wardrobe

The speed at which you can update your wardrobe will depend on your budget. In order to build it up slowly, you should throw out your oldest clothes and shoes and purchase up-to-date and stylish replacements. To ensure you are throwing away old goods and replacing them with today’s top-end fashion, do some research into the latest fashion trends and ones that have died out. Some things do stay in style and it is wasteful to throw out perfectly good clothes that look stylish. 

Iron Your Clothes

It sounds simple but ironing your clothes can do a lot for your style. Ironing makes a massive difference in how your clothes look and how they fit. The end result makes you look neater and well-kept. As well as straightening the creases out of your clothes, ironing can aid in restoring the shape of seams and fabric that has warped when drying. To make life easier, you could use a bottle of water to spray your clothes first. Then turn your iron on a high setting. This helps to remove stubborn creases. 

Tidy Your Hair

Your hair can have a big impact on your style. If you have a tidy haircut, then you will look smarter and more presentable. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a short back and sides because long hair can look neat and stylish, as long as it is maintained well and tidied regularly. When it comes to tidying your hair, your facial hair is just as important as the hair on the top of your head. Beards are in fashion and they play a big role in your appearance, but they require maintenance in order to look good. 

Wear Designer Brands

Wearing designer brands can do wonders for your style. Whether they are clothes, accessories or shoes, as long as they have a designer label you will look and feel good in what you are wearing. Designer is expensive, so you should choose wisely when purchasing designer items. For example, when it comes to purchasing fancy footwear, such as Fend sneakers, you should look at You can find your ideal sneaker style here, sneakers that suit your needs and budget.   Be sure to consider a high quality and stylish Hamilton watch as well.

Clean Your Shoes

You wouldn’t go outside with stains on your shirt and mud on your jeans, so why go out with dirty shoes? Clean shoes have the ability to make an outfit look complete and to spruce up your overall appearance. If you wear expensive designer shoes, then regularly cleaning them and carrying out maintenance will make them last longer and will contribute to their outstanding appearance. If you are wearing leather shoes, the shining and treating the leather will keep them looking fresh and stylish. 

Tuck Your T-Shirt

Tucking in your T-shirt gives a sharp and mature look to your outfit and style. This fashion technique also makes your legs look longer, which can make you look taller in return. Finding a T-shirt that has enough length to remain tucked into your bottoms, alongside a suitable pair of trousers, is key to achieving this sophisticated appearance. Ideally, you should avoid jeans, as this can be a bit dad-like. Instead, consider trousers of different materials, such as chinos, tailored trousers or sweatpants. 

Consider Tonal Dressing

Tonal dressing basically means wearing an outfit consisting of different shades of the same color. It is a great way to avoid mismatching colors and pitfalls. It is also a shortcut to look neat and stylish without having to think too hard about your outfit. The obvious color choice when it comes to this technique is to go with black, however, gray and navy can work just as well. The secret to looking good while tonal dressing is to wear a variety of textures, so your outfit doesn’t look boring. 

Becoming more stylish doesn’t happen overnight. It requires plenty of research and planning in order to find a style that suits you as well as the world around you. When you find what works best for you, you will notice the difference in how good you feel about yourself almost instantly.