How to Gift your Corporate Colleagues

Receiving a gift is always exciting. Getting a present from your boss or partner is on another level. However, the gift you take to your friend’s birthday is not the same one your employees, shareholders, or partners get.

When in a work set-up, the best way to show appreciation to your employees, clients, and business partners is to give well-thought-of corporate gift hampers.

There are many great Corporate Gift Ideas that you can think of, but besides getting the right gift, it’s also essential to present it the right way. Below in this article, we will talk more about that.

What do you package in gift hampers?

Giving a swimming costume to someone who barely goes to the beach or the swimming pools is inconsiderate. However, if you gave the same person a cushion for their working bench, it would be more effective and shows that you put some thought into the present.

The same goes for corporate gift hampers. As much as you want to promote a brand and create a positive effect, you should get a hamper that suits the people receiving the presents.

Gift hampers can either be:

1. Ready-made hampers

A simple gift goes a long way to show appreciation. And if you do not have a lot of time before presenting the gift, then a ready-made hamper is what you go for. These include baskets of products pre-packaged before you order.

Although these hampers save you time, they could be too general and lack a personal appeal to the recipient.

2. Tailored gift hampers

If you plan to present gifts to your employees at the end of the year, then you can take some time to find out about things they like or enjoy. You get a list of preferred items and prepare them in the hamper.

Also, the type of occasion determines the type of hamper you will give. A Christmas gift hamper might contain a stuffed animal, wine, dry fruits, or candies. On the other hand, a farewell hamper will be more of a good wish gift, with a card, travel games box, and so on.

Now, why do you give gifts to your colleagues, partners, and clients?

To retain clients- Clients are the driving force for any business. To show appreciation to your clients for choosing your company, you can regularly give them a gift hamper. This is a sure way to show your clients that you value them.

To boost employees’ morale- Another pivotal part of any company is the employees. A gift hamper is one way to increase their morale and keep them happy, making them work at their best potential.

To attract new clientele- when you are starting a new business, gift hampers can be a way to increase awareness of your brand. Corporate gift hampers at a festival are sure to create a positive impact, which sees more clients coming to your organization.

Why you should get your hamper from a professional

Why you should get your hamper from a professional

As mentioned, gifting is more than throwing a few company products in a basket and wrapping them. It would be best if you extended a personal touch. That is why getting your gifts prepared by a professional is the best option. You get an immaculately curated basket filled with a selection of products, both local and international.

If you are looking for a way to tell your people that you are thankful, then send your warm regards with one of our baskets.