How to Get an Assignment on Deputy Attorney General

All About the Duties of Deputy Attorney General

Have you ever come across the Deputy Attorney General title while searching for a federal job? Legal resume writing services staff bets you’ve failed to. If you ever thought about working for federals and can boast judicial background this position will be a good pick. In the nearest decade, the experts forecast the career growth of 6%. Being in demand means 50,100 additional job opportunities throughout the country. Let’s put this position on perspective regarding the obligations the vacancy entails and its current deputy credentials.

What You Get as a Deputy Attorney General

A Deputy Attorney General position comprises telling arguments to apply for. It attracts with an ideal work-life balance, offers good pay which is $38.62 an hour, running at $80,330 per year, and such benefits as insurance, dental, and paid time off. Each year of responsible performance brings an employee a merit salary adjustment of 5% up to the year when the highest limit for the class will get reached.

Objectives, Responsibilities & Duties

Deputy Attorney General functions get focused on advisory activity, public and nature protection, law enforcement, and representation objectives. Observation of public duties from litigation to advisory and conformance with the regulation standards falls within the jurisdiction too. This position entails acting as the sole legal advisor for all State regulatory authorities to supervise and direct the administration and operation of the entities that comprise the Department, including:

  • Divisions
  • Offices
  • Bodies
  • Bureaus
  • Boards
  • Commissions
  • Instrumentalities

If you have no notion about what to do with a law degree, try to build your career with government law jobs. There is a strong chance for young lawyers to move between state agencies in addition to opportunities for career development within the Department. If you have no experience you can dive in and get a hands-on assignment as the Office of Deputy Attorney General (ODAG) deals with every issue connected with:

  • high-profile criminal justice
  • consumer and environmental protection
  • civil cases against the entities
  • major crimes
  • crimes against the law of nations

The main task is to help the Attorney General in managing tiered legal departments, analyzing effectiveness, and reporting the results to the Associate Attorney General. In a nutshell, the Deputy Attorney General assists the Attorney General, performing definite activities of key priorities.

What You Need to Apply for Deputy Attorney General


A meaningful task is to pick a definite major while researching the pathway to a Deputy Attorney General job. Getting a Law degree, a Business degree, a degree in Political Science, or Public Affairs can be your pass-ticket there. Advanced professional studies, such as pursuing a criminal justice masters degree, are not unusual for those who want to elevate their professional expertise in the legal field. You should snatch an excellent intern opportunity Office provides to gain great experience for a paralegal or legal student.

Useful Hint on Searching for the Vacancy

Neither keywords nor phrases will be helpful while your search. If you want to join the Attorney General’s office, you should search by industry. Addressing the industries will always provide efficient search results. You will discover plenty of relevant workplaces you never heard about within the related industries, such as the Government industry or Utility one.

Education, Experience & Skills

Can you imagine that only 11% of Deputy Attorney Generals employed have earned a master’s or bachelor’s degree? Their qualification is often restrained to a college education level. But it is impossible to get the appointment with a high school diploma or GED credential. To tell the truth, an applicant for ODAG vacancies should come with some specialized credentials.

If one of your previous jobs was Law Clerk or you’ve completed a judicial clerkship, you may become indispensable. Associate Attorney or Legal Extern roles are far from being unusual among Deputy Attorney Generals. To accomplish the Deputy Attorney General’s responsibilities you should have certain skills. We’ve summed up the basic requirements after looking through a dozen announcements. The vacancy implies the following skills:

  • Data-survey
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Interpersonal teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Excellent writing.

Some Offices will require candidates to demonstrate excellent sound judgment and comfort in representing a large and complex agency. The individuals with no prior state service must successfully complete a competitive State civil service examination. Previous employment with the state in a class of the applicants is welcome. The following hard skills will be helpful in further work as well:

  • Federal Courts
  • Jury Instructions
  • Counsel
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Family Law
  • Civil Rights

The career that starts in ODAG is straightforward and lets you get more helpful experience, prompting you to take on broad-based responsibilities. One day you may notice that the role of a leader is yours. Legal resume writing services will help you to get employment as a Deputy, proceed with an Attorney, and pan out with the title of a Partner. Order the lucky ticket to the government today to enjoy all benefits of the federal job tomorrow!

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