How To Effectively Protect Yourself From Harm Whenever You Use A Rideshare Service

What could be easier than picking your phone out of your pocket, opening an app, and having a car turn up minutes later to take you home? Ridesharing apps are great, easy ways to travel and have quickly revolutionized the way we travel in the 21st century. But, it is important to always make sure you are safe. Let’s take a look at how you can effectively protect yourself from any harm or danger whenever you use a rideshare service.

Why Is This Important?

Unfortunately, sometimes dangers arise when taking rideshare apps. Whether you are sharing the ride with another passenger or simply jumping in a stranger’s car, there are some risks. The legal specialists behind Brooks Law Group say that the rise in cases due to ridesharing apps. Unfortunately, there is an increase in physical violence, burglary, and other forms of abuse taking place in rideshare vehicles or while customers wait for their ride. This is a worry because some criminals will take their chances at fooling you into getting in the wrong vehicle or wait for riders to be exposed and vulnerable before attacking. So, what can you do to try and keep yourself as safe as possible?

Request Your Ride in a Safe Place

First, ensure you are requesting your ride from a safe place. As we have said, criminals, like robbers, can wait for you to be alone outside a closed bar in the middle of the night and then pounce. It is for that reason that we always recommend you are somewhere safe before you request and wait for your ride. For example, in the case of a night out, request your ride before you leave the venue. Wait inside for the app to tell you your vehicle has arrived and then head straight to the car.

Check The Map

In the case of a rideshare with another customer – or even when traveling alone – it is important to read the map to make sure you recognize the route. Does the route actually end at your chosen destination? Does the driver appear to be following the route properly? If anything looks wrong, request to leave the vehicle or don’t get in in the first place. Obviously, sometimes drivers will try and take a quicker route, but it is your right to request a route that you feel comfortable with.

Ensure the Driver and Vehicle Match

A common scam involves unlicensed taxis waiting outside venues and claiming to be rideshare drivers. Luckily, all apps share with you the license plate and driver details before your vehicle arrives. So, before getting in any random vehicle, make sure you check these details. It only takes a second to read a license plate and check it against the details provided to you. The driver should greet you by name, and you should be able to do the same with them. Ask their name before you jump in, especially if you feel any kind of nerves that the car is not the right one. Remember, you can always cancel and get a different car if you feel the need to.

Share Your Location With Friends

Many of the rideshare apps now have the functionality to share your live location with friends or family. This is a perfect way to help protect yourself from fake drivers willing to take you off course for unpleasant reasons. This way, someone can keep an eye on your journey progress remotely and call you if anything seems suspicious. You can also do this independently. Services such as Apple’s Find My Friends or WhatsApp live location can help people track your location and feel comfortable that you are safe.

Don’t Share Personal Information

Finally, whoever you are sharing a vehicle with, we recommend never sharing any personal information. Of course, the driver will have dropped you off near home, but that data is never stored by companies. There is absolutely no reason to share any personal details with a driver or customer in a ridesharing vehicle. You sadly never know who you are riding with, so it’s best to keep tight-lipped and only share what you want to. If you want to chat, go ahead, but don’t reveal anything that would allow anyone to gain access to important details about your life.

These are the top recommended tips for helping to keep yourself safe whilst using a ridesharing service. These apps have completely changed the way we travel so now we much change the ways in which we keep safe. Keep your eyes open for anything suspicious and follow these tips, so you know you can travel safely and in style.