How to Connect a PDF Editor to Google Drive?

Considering the widespread use of PDF documents, it is no wonder that the question of how to edit a document in this format arises. One of the most convenient ways to modify such a file is to connect a PDF editor to popular cloud storage – Google Drive. But you can also use a trusted application when you want to Edit pdf on chromebook. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to connect an editor of your choice to this platform.

Why PDF?

No person on Earth does not know about PDF, and there are good reasons for that. Talking about a durable google docs PDF editor, you imagine highly flexible software, enables e-signatures, and guarantees users’ engagement when it is critical to use and discuss the file with the team in real-time. People prefer PDF documents to many other formats due to several essential features:

  • Compatibility – the universal compatibility of the standard PDF format allows you to utilize it via different platforms, systems, and apps.

  • Portability – the name of the format itself presupposes that it is highly portable, which is essential for busy people. Unlike Powerpoint or Word Doc, PDF documents enable sharing between the users.

  • Simple – lots of modern apps allow you to save the documents in this format; using these same apps will enable you to share and copy a PDF document whenever you need it.

  • Safety – anyone can use a password to protect a PDF file that contains confidential data. A security reason is a worthy one, especially in the business sphere.

  • Content diversity – you can use the format for graphics, texts, corporate reports, images, and even spreadsheets or vectors. Such flexibility in terms of content makes PDF an efficient solution.

  • Feedback opportunities – if you share a file with an expert who will comment on your work, you will appreciate the chance to leave feedback in a PDF file. The format allows highlighting, drawing, adding comments, and adding diverse arrows.

Edit in Google Docs and Drive

Whether you are willing to edit PDF online Google Docs or edit PDF online Google Drive documents, it will not take much effort. Today, it is possible to use the built-in extensions and resort to an alternative solution – Lumin software. Google Docs service supports the format, making it so much easier to work with editing routine online.

These are the simple steps you should follow to edit PDF using Google Docs:

  • Log in to your personal Google account.

  • Create a new document: you will find an icon that says “Blank,” click on it. After that, you will see an option named “Open” – it will help you find the required PDF document on your PC.

  • If this file is already on your Google drive, you should simply choose, and, as it opens, you will see the button which says, “Open with.” Your task is to open the file with Google Docs. Thus, pick this variant to be able to edit the PDF Google Doc file.

  • When all the modifications are made, you can save the file as a PDF again (go to “File” and click on “Save as” to pick the required format).

As for Google Drive, it is possible to edit PDFs in Google Drive with the help of both mobiles and PCs. the users should log in to Drive’s account first and then upload the required file using the button named “New.” You can visit Sodapdf to get more must-have PDF tools for personal, business, or commercial purposes.

Online PDF editors in use

Another way to make changes in your portable document is to utilize a trustworthy software. For instance, one of the popular alternatives for editing tasks is Lumin PDF. You will appreciate the compatibility of the tools and the spectrum of features it offers for the users. The program works well with personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and notebooks.

People use online editors like Lumin PDF for better cooperation between teammates and time-saving reasons. An excellent Google Docs PDF editor is an extension that simplifies the modification of a document, sharing, and copying of it. The times of international business and remote workers can benefit significantly from this multifunctionality.

Moreover, if you want to copy the link to your PDF file, the receiver will first see the file’s preview version. Those who are in charge of the social media posts or mailout creation understand how useful it is: the users see both the preview and the link in their newsfeed.

Adding a PDF editor to Google Drive

Start editing a vital PDF document right away with our easy guide on connecting the PDF editor for Docs of your choice. Here is what you should do:

  • First and foremost, go to the Google Drive storage. Look at the toolbar located on the left and find the “New” button; click on it.

  • There you will see “More;” click on it and then on the “Connect more apps.”

  • As you are in the G Suite Marketplace. In the search field, find the extension of the editor.  For instance, if Lumin PDF appeals to you, type its name in the field and then click on Lumin’s icon.

  • You will be directed to the installation page of the online editor.

  • Read the terms and conditions of the service and press “Continue” to install the extension.

That is it! Now you are free to edit PDFs in Google Docs using a reliable online editor. No matter what software you pick, the algorithm of connection is the same. Also, you may leave a new PDF editor as a default app if you wish.

Adding a PDF editor to Google Drive

Online editors offer lots of editing options. In the case of Lumin PDF, you can choose between two editing modes. There are the Viewer and Manipulation modes. The first one allows you to add images, sentences, sign the papers, and leave the stamps. Besides, you can modify the font, color, and size of the letters. The second one deals with the document’s structure. Therefore, you can rotate, crop, move the objects, and delete them online.  You can also check out tools like this pdf converter to word as well.

PDF files are a professional gesture who knows what makes editing work more accessible and more comfortable. Thus, it is no wonder that people use it for work, studies, or personal needs. Use our guide to connect a PDF editor to Google Docs and start making changes here and now.