How to Choose the Perfect Volunteer Management Software

If you run a volunteer organization, then you can appreciate the importance of your volunteers who spend their time and resources working with you to achieve your organization’s goals and missions. Hence, it is important to ensure better volunteer management and make their work as seamless as possible while ensuring that they are achieving the results they ought to. This is where volunteer management software suitable for your organization will help in ensuring that you can achieve this.

Why Do You Need a Volunteer Management Software?

Volunteer management software does so much to improve the administration of your organization and support more productivity. The most efficient volunteer organizations use this software to boost efficiency, attract the best volunteers, and retain them.

Its features can help in recruitment, training and onboarding, volunteer scheduling, outreach planning, communication, compliance, tracking, and a long list of others.

With volunteer management software, everything you need for volunteering is contained in the software, even application forms and emails.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Volunteer Management Software

1. Features and Benefits

The first thing to do is confirm that the features of the volunteer management software you’re purchasing meet the needs of your organization.

Make a note of your goals, missions, the kinds of volunteers you will be working with, as well as everything else you want to achieve. Then, look out for the software that has most of the features you need, as well as the benefits you stand to gain by using the software and its features.

Some of the features that should be there include Volunteer communication features such as emails or text, hour-tracking and volunteer scheduling, and scalability. Benefits to look out for include an increase in the number of high-value volunteers, improved volunteer efficiency that can be seen from volunteer reports, as well as smoother communication.

2. Process Automation or Streamlining 

A good volunteer management software should be able to streamline or even automate some functions, thereby saving you and your team valuable time that can be channeled to something else.

An ideal software should simplify communication amongst volunteers, generate volunteer reports, and manage volunteer applications.

3. Implementation Timeline

The best software should have a long implementation time, so that you can investigate all features and areas, and have your staff review and adopt to ensure that it works for everyone.

Avoid software that hastens you towards making a purchase when you haven’t completely explored it. When exploring, pay close attention to your event calendar to ensure that it can function optimally.

4. Pricing 

Pricing is a very important consideration, and you will find different volunteer management systems at different price ranges. Some will be subscription-based while others will require a one-off fee. Some other software providers allow you to customize the management software to suit your needs, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Consider your budget, but don’t be quick to opt for the cheapest option because it is often able to do what you need. Also, many ‘free’ or cheap software comes with tons of hidden expenses that will eventually rip you off. Don’t be afraid to pay for the quality you need.


Now you know why your volunteer organization needs management software and how it can improve your processes. Get one of the management systems that best suits your needs and enjoy a more efficient work process.