HiPP Formula Review

When it comes to baby formulas, the market is snowed under options and parents don’t know which one is the best. Luckily, the Internet is filled with comprehensive information on all imaginable brands, so you just need to read everything attentively.

HiPP definitely stands out among tens of other brands. It is known for its rich history, commitment to natural ingredients, transparency, and meeting the highest quality standards. In this review, we are going to discuss the history of the HiPP brand, its key features, advantages, and types of formulas available on the market. Thus, you will definitely make an informed decision and ensure your baby’s organic growth and development.

Why Choose HiPP Baby formula 

The best way to write a review on a certain formula is to enumerate the key features it has to offer. And that is exactly what we are going to do in the paragraphs below.

1. Different types of formulas

What we love about HiPP is that it comes in numerous formulas depending on your baby’s needs and regional peculiarities. For example, you can choose HiPP Dutch Combiotic, German Organic Goat’s Milk, or UK Organic Combiotic. There are Comfort, Hypoallergenic, and Anti-reflux formulas each of which aims to meet your baby’s nutritional needs in the best way.

In addition, all formulas are broken into three types based on age:

  • Infant formula. Created for babies from birth, these formulas can be used as supplementary feeding or the sole source of nutrition. In the PRE Stage, the only source of carbohydrates is milk sugar. Stage 1 includes organic mild starch to make the formula more filling.
  • Follow-on-formula. It can be used for babies of six months and older who are already receiving food. These formulas have more iron and other supplements which are crucial for this age. In the German HiPP version, the follow-on formula is stages 2 and 3, while in the Dutch and UK – only stage 2.
  • Toddler formula. It is created for children between 12 and 36 months of age. They are different from the two types of formulas above because they aim to ensure a smooth transition to the family diet. It is based on cow’s milk which is rich in calcium. This formula also has iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and folic acid for the organic growth of your toddler.

2. Only the best ingredients

One of the main things that set HiPP from other baby formula brands is the use of natural lactic acid cultures extracted from breast milk. These probiotics ensure natural components of breast milk, support gut health and boost the immune response to so many external stimuli. HiPP produces only EU-certified formulas, so parents can be sure that the company follows such organic standards as:

  • Usage of untreated seeds;
  • Prohibition of mineral nitrogen fertilizers and hormones;
  • Preventive measures for plant protection;
  • Keeping animals according to their breeds;
  • Antibiotics are permitted only when they are necessary for animal health.

HiPP formulas are free from GMOs, preservatives, and all types of flavor enhancers. Moreover, they are made with over 95% of organic ingredients, while the rest 5% include minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that should be added to baby formula to support their health. 

3. Suits even the most sensitive stomach

When a baby has digestive problems, HiPP often becomes a lifesaver because this brand pays much attention to sensitivity issues. Their formulas are easy to digest and gentle on tummies. As we have mentioned above, HiPP uses organic lactose as the source of carbohydrates which is more natural compared to other popular formulas. If your child has reflux, gas, or colic, HiPP formulas can be a great solution to the problem.

4. Many positive reviews

Finally, most parents who have already tried HiPP formulas are satisfied with their experiences. They say that these formulas can solve the most common digestive problems. Customers also value HiPP for its commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability. Parents don’t have to worry about product quality and impact on the environment.

History of the HiPP brand

When reviewing HiPP, it is impossible not to mention its rich history which dates back to 1898. That is when Joseph Hipp, a pastry cook from Germany, came up with the first baby formula to feed his children.

In the 1800s, people didn’t have many options when breastfeeding wasn’t possible, so finding an alternative was a real struggle. Joseph knew that and used his professional background to mix milk and rusk flour in his shop. HiPP formula became a rapid success and spread all over the country and beyond.

What’s interesting about HiPP is that it is still a family-run business that keeps baby’s health at the center of attention. It was among the first to source raw materials from ethical farms and remains one of the largest organic manufacturers in the world.

Nowadays, HiPP owns over 6,000 organic farms eliminating middlemen and ensuring the top-notch quality of its ingredients. The milk used in HiPP formulas comes from grass and grain-fed cows which have enough outdoor space. 

How to prepare the HiPP formula?

The process of preparing HiPP baby formula is similar to other manufacturers and consists of only a few stages:

  1. Heat fresh water until 104 – 122 F;
  2. Pour it into the bottle according to the formula package;
  3. Measure the necessary amount of milk powder and level it out on the spoon;
  4. Mix water and powder by shaking the bottle;
  5. Let the formula cool down to approximately 98.6 F. Always check the bottle temperature before feeding your baby.

Already made HiPP formula should be used within 2 hours when stored at room temperature or within 24 hours when kept in a fridge. 


Year after year, HiPP formulas remain a leading choice for parents all over the world. This manufacturer has a solid reputation, prioritizes organic ingredients, and contributes to sustainability for the well-being of future generations.

With HiPP, parents can pick a formula that suits their baby’s needs the most because there are different types depending on age, nutritive value, and personal sensitivities. When it comes to providing your children with the best, HiPP surely stands out as a great option.