Harvest Time: What You Should Know About Harvesting?

The correct timing of the harvesting process is essential to maintain the quality of the crops and minimize crop losses. However, harvesting cannot be carried out at any time of the year as doing it at the perfect time will enable you to deliver high-quality yields. Therefore, timing plays an important role in harvesting. Let’s take a look at a few pointers which will help you know the importance of harvesting and when to harvest. These points will be beneficial for you to grow high-quality crops for your end user. You can also contact a logging service in Illinois that can help you know the importance of harvesting at the right time

The importance of carrying out harvesting at the right time

Harvesting is one of the final steps which takes place during the process of cultivation. Since you have taken a long time to take care of your plants and crops, you need to take great measures during this final part of harvesting. Knowing the right harvest time can be confusing as it can depend on several factors. For example, in the case of fruits, you will have to wait for a longer period to carry out the harvesting process. In short, the more you wait, the more productive your product will be. However, the final outcome will depend from product to product as a few strains can be too strong and some can be too weak.

Do not carry out the harvesting process too early

New growers get too excited when they finally reach the harvesting stage. They start with the harvesting process as soon as the product flowers. This will minimize the potency of the product and will thus give you low yields. Knowing the right harvest time becomes even more difficult if you are dealing with a new strain.

Know the right harvest time by following these 3 ways

Know about the flowering time

You can check the internet to know when is the right flowering time for your strain. You can read the reviews that are provided by the other growers.

Know the pistil method

Experienced growers use the pistil method to find the right time for harvesting. If you look at them closely you will get to know when to carry out the harvest activity.


Another reliable way to find out the right harvesting time is to look at the glandular stalked trichomes. They are crystal-like and change color as the product starts to ripen. Therefore, you should take a closer look at them with the help of a magnifying glass to know when to harvest your product.

Harvesting the plants and crops the right way also holds a lot of importance as a wrong method can destroy the growth of the plants. You should not stress if you are a new grower and should research more about the strain you are growing. As time passes, you will learn and improve with the variety of strains you deal with.