Few Less Obvious Reasons for Hair Fall and Pre-mature Hair Thinning

Every individual is different and so is their hair or skin type. While some experience pre-mature hair fall, some have smooth, voluminous hair even in their old age. Hair fall and thinning are caused by numerous reasons out of which stress is the most predominant one. Stress causes an imbalance in hormones which results in hair fall often caused by dormancy of the hair growth cycle.

Stress, lack of a balanced diet, exposure to the sun, and lack of proper sleep result in hair loss. Supplements rich in biotin and other hair growth-stimulating proteins at times are enough to boost hair growth. Other times, laser treatment for hair growth or an even more invasive hair transplant is needed to prevent balding.

Here are some of the common reasons for hair fall beyond stress

Over styling and use of hair damaging products

With a plethora of haircare products in the market, it is overwhelming to pick the right one that suits your haircare needs. The use of toxic haircare products often leads to damage and hair loss. Apart from using damaging products, subjecting the hair to over-styling like heat, colouring, bleaching, ironing, straightening etc. puts stress on the roots. Over-use of chemicals often strips the hair of moisture leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to hair fall.

Putting oil on for a longer time

Oiling is important for nourishing hair but putting the hair oil for a long time is not recommended. Stepping out with oil on your head attracts dust and debris that tends to accumulate on the scalp. It clogs the pores which damage the hair follicles. Dirty scalp and hair are often a lesser known cause that prevents hair growth. Sweat and sebum built up on the scalp and clog the hair follicles which is the primary reason for scalp infection, let’s say dandruff.

Nutrient deficiency

We might be eating a healthy & balanced diet but it might not be enough to fortify our hair growth needs. For example, hair growth needs zinc, Vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin D, iron, biotic protein etc. Deficiency in any of these often leads to the slow growth of hair. If you are not getting sufficient nutrients from your diet it is highly recommended to take external supplements for boosting hair growth.

Sudden weight loss or gain

When there is a sudden weight gain or loss, it tends to change the overall metabolism and metabolic functions. It also creates a level of stress on the body and it does take to adjust to the overall changes. For example, if there is weight loss due to a crash diet or thyroid, the body adjusts to support the organs and hence it impacts hair growth. Lack of a wholesome, healthy diet leads to less blood and nutrient supply to the scalp causing hair fall.

Medication and treatment

Hair fall can also be the result of medical treatment or intake of medicines which alters numerous functions. For example, blood thinning medications, oral contraceptives, NSAIDs or beta and calcium blockers causes hair loss. Also, chemotherapy and radiation therapy is a major cause of hair fall and hence causes hair loss. However, such conditions can be reversed.

Bad lifestyle choices

Hair fall and lack of hair growth are often even contributed to by bad lifestyles like smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, and stress from the environment. There are many studies that show that the androgenic hormone dihydrotestosterone is responsible for causing female pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia.

While hair loss is inevitable in certain conditions majorly when contributed by genetic factors or ageing, it can be reduced or taken care of. Advanced laser therapy has helped hair growth and prevents further shedding or premature falling of hair.