Explore How Smart Security Systems Instantly Protect Senior Home Care

Seniors face various challenges impacting their safety and overall well-being. They encounter many threats that can compromise their safety and well-being, such as physical hazards due to their advancing age and financial scams.

However, there’s a way to safeguard against these threats proactively. By integrating Telus custom security systems, specifically designed to cater to their unique needs, seniors can enjoy enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seniors face various threats, including physical hazards, financial exploitation, and identity theft.
  • You can protect seniors from threats by resorting to security measures.
  • Smart security systems can mitigate risks and provide round-the-clock protection.

What Studies Reveal About Senior Vulnerability

A new poll from the University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging reveals that 75% of older adults experienced fraud attempts via phone, text, email, mail, or online in the last two years, and 30% fell victim to at least one scam.

Real-Life Cases:

● Burglar

Former home health aide Anne Rose Fleurant, 36, was arrested for allegedly stealing valuables from senior living facility residents. Police investigations reveal she stole jewelry, designer handbags, money, checks, and credit cards from multiple residences, including those she didn’t work for.

● Fraud

A woman is charged with impersonating a 91-year-old patient at a long-term care residence, using the patient’s credit card fraudulently. She contacted the patient’s bank to obtain a new PIN under pretenses and made purchases and cash withdrawals with the card.

● Abuses

Financial scams against older adults affect over 500,000 individuals annually, resulting in up to $3 billion in losses. Seniors, holding about 70% of the nation’s wealth, are prime targets of various forms of fraud like theft, real estate exploitation, and investment scams.

Enhancing Security for Seniors

Installing tailored security systems and educating seniors about warning signs can provide peace of mind for their safety. Here are tips for selecting the right security products for seniors.

Assess Tech Level

Ease of use is important when selecting the right security system for your elderly loved one. While some seniors prefer smartphone-controlled methods, others prefer straightforward controls without advanced technology.

Consider Shared User Functionality

Top security systems offer protection and keep you connected with loved ones across distances. With shared user functionality, compatible security cameras allow checking feeds via Live View and communicating through Two-Way Talk. Shared Users can access stored videos, notifications, and Event History and even control the alarm.

Find an Emergency Assistance Feature

It may include panic button functions with stickers for precise identification, such as “Fire” for smoke detector alerts and “Medical” for health issues.

Medical alert systems are vital for senior home security, particularly those with medical conditions or mobility issues. These systems include wearable panic buttons connecting seniors to trained operators for immediate assistance. Some systems also have fall detection.

Choose the Right Connection Type

Opt for a system with a built-in backup battery in the Base Station for up to 24 hours of security during power outages. If you’re nearby or far away, ensure peace of mind knowing your loved one and their home are always protected.

Comprehensive Home Security Systems

Comprehensive home security systems combine alarms, sensors, and monitoring options to cover all security threats effectively.

  • Door and window sensors trigger alarms if opened while the system is armed.
  • Motion sensors detect movement within specific areas.
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras offer real-time remote video monitoring.

Exploring MAG Security’s Telus Custom Security Systems

Smart Control Panel

Smart Control Panel An intelligent control panel manages and streamlines systems, functions, and appliances in residential and industrial settings.
Specifications User-friendly Touchscreen Interface

Comprehensive Zone Support

Integrated 85-decibel Alarm Siren

Key Features Complete Camera Livestreaming

Video and Audio Intercom

High-Definition Front-Facing Camera

Seamless Hands-Free Disarming

Functions Simplify operations and automate tasks.

Provide cutting-edge security features, including remote monitoring and alerts.

Customize settings and preferences to meet your specific requirements.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass Break Sensor A glass break sensor triggers an alarm upon detecting the sound of shattered glass.
Key Features 360° Horizontal Detection Angle

Dependable, Low False Alarms

Glass Break Sound Detection

Specifications The 3V CR123 Lithium battery can last up to 5 years.

Offers a wide detection range of 7.6 meters.

Benefit They deter burglars by triggering alarms before intruders enter your property.

A Step to a Safer Home Care

MAG Security offers smart security systems that proactively prevent financial and safety catastrophes among seniors. These systems protect against scams and health discrepancies that could otherwise lead to significant financial and personal harm. Investing in intelligent security technology protects seniors from the potential devastation of financial exploitation and safety risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do smart security systems respect the privacy of seniors?

Security systems respect the privacy of seniors by allowing them to control access to their personal space through features like access codes and permissions, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter sensitive areas. Additionally, these systems prioritize data encryption and secure communication protocols to safeguard sensitive information to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of seniors’ data.

Are innovative security systems easy to install and operate for seniors?

Yes. Many modern systems are wireless and come with straightforward installation instructions, which stops the need for complex wiring or professional assistance. Also, these systems feature user-friendly interfaces and intuitive mobile applications.

Can innovative security systems be customized to address specific fraud-related concerns or vulnerabilities seniors face?

Yes. Seniors can set up alerts for unusual financial transactions or access sensitive areas within their homes. For example, seniors can set up alerts within the system to notify them of any unusual financial transactions or unauthorized access to sensitive areas within their homes.