Esports Betting: Things to Know about It?

The esports industry is getting more and more diverse. Video games are getting more complex, which makes esports tournaments more exciting.

Without a doubt, the whole generation grew up on video games, which led to the immense growth of esports. Its popularity grew so fast that bookmakers took it as a primary market. Today, small and large bookmakers accept bets on esports based on professional forecasts.

Background of Esports Betting

The first esports tournaments were established in the 90s when the rewards were non-monetary. In the 2000s, the situation changed once and for all. Esports was recognized as an official kind of sports. Esports betting has become a hobby for many fans of video games. Apart from playing their favorite games, they got an opportunity to make a good profit out of it.

More and more esports tournaments have been developed on the local and international levels. Players started getting organized into teams to join those tournaments. As a bettor, you can visit GGBET to see the upcoming events for CS:GO, Dota 2, and other video game fans.

Basic Bets to Be Familiar with

Esports betting needs you to know the main types of bets. Apart from betting on a potential winner, you have many more options to consider. Here are some of them:

  • Handicap – bets on wins and losses of teams with a particular handicap are allowed. Betting on handicaps on cards can also be used.
  • Result on cards – bets on teams’ winnings in particular cards.
  • Passage of the team – bets on which of several teams will take a higher place in the standings. In the case of similar indicators, the bookmaker makes a return on bets.
  • Total – bets on the total number of points (kills) of both teams. Bets on the total of an individual team are also there.

Importance of Analysis

If you aren’t familiar with the rules of the esports game, you should give up on the betting dream. Don’t get involved in something you have no idea about. Luck won’t be on your side all the time.

Every game has a bunch of nuances that you should take into account. Check out the team statistics and the characteristics of each player. Each and every player is crucial in eSports, so bad play may affect the team’s overall performance easily.

Serious teams don’t rely on the skills of individual players, they create strategies for every single game and even tournament. Well, it won’t hurt to keep track of the team’s performance for a while. This will let you understand their patterns of behavior in various esports situations.

Consider the fact that the ambitions and motivation of players may change from one tournament to another. If a team wins today, it doesn’t necessarily win tomorrow. This is why it doesn’t make any sense to rely on the last game only.

Every team has to go through a series of qualification matches to join the final tournament. As you can guess, the competition among the teams is getting incredibly intense. The variety of bets is also getting more diverse. When choosing what to choose from, you should do some research. This will help you understand the market situation and make more accurate decisions. Where do you want to bet? Which teams are you interested in? How much money are you ready to put at stake? Which odds do deserve your attention? The answers to these questions will guide through the betting world.

Specifics of Esports Betting

In 2022, esports betting has already broken a few records. The overall amount of investments has increased by 25%. Its revenues are expected to grow by the end of the year.

Despite its great popularity, esports remains a developing industry. Its potential hasn’t been fully realized. Some bookmakers put the wrong odds on it, which makes betting shops set odds with high margins. Others accept bets on draws in esports, which results in return bets.

The esports community has favorite teams. The volume of bets on those usually exceeds their winning potential. So if you have a good knowledge of CS:GO, Dota 2: LoL, or any other video game, you can try your hand at esports betting. You don’t need to be scared of anythıng. You don’t have to place a fortune at stake. Instead, you can move step by step while spicing up your hobby.