Effective Technique To Clean Your Dentures

If you have dentures you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 30% of older Australians have dentures. Of course, dentures can be partial or a full set. Many people will say that once you have dentures you never need to brush your teeth again. In fact, this is not true. You need to know the right technique.

Why Brushing Still Matters

Whether you’ve visited a specialist dentist in Little Bay Invisalign or have dentures, you will be shown how to clean them properly. If you don’t clean dentures or braces properly then food debris will build up around them. If you have any natural teeth left this will encourage them to be attacked. The food debris in your mouth mixes with bacteria to create sugar. This attacks the enamel on your teeth. Ultimately, the enamel is weakened and bacteria can get into your teeth, causing infections and other issues.

Even if you haven’t got any natural teeth left, you still need to be wary about food debris in your mouth. If left it will attract bacteria and can cause an infection in your gums. This means you’ll have gum disease and a further set of issues.

Losing teeth and wearing dentures means you are likely to lose gum tissue and bone mass, altering and ageing the look off your face. This is compounded if you have dentures and don’t keep them clean, because the gums will be attacked much sooner, making the damage worse.  Be sure to check out denture reline service as well.

You can also develop sores in your mouth which are painful and can lead to infections and even ulcers.

Of course, not cleaning your dentures can also weaken them and cause them to be damaged.

How To Clean Your Dentures

The good news is that keeping your dentures clean is easier than you think. In fact, it can be done by following these simple steps.

Brush Them

Dentures can’t get plaque and tartar as they are artificial. However, they can be affected by the presence of these substances and ultimately damaged.

The simplest way to prevent plaque and tartar from building up is to brush your dentures. Do this in exactly the same way as you would natural teeth. It can be done with the dentures in your mouth or with them removed.


Brushing will help to eliminate food debris that causes plaque and tartar to build up. But, it won’t necessarily remove all the bacteria and fungus from the denture. Over time these can cause a serious infection and an array of other issues.

You need to remove your dentures every evening and put them in a glass or bowl with warm water and a denture cleaning solution. The cleaning solution ensures all bacteria and potential infections are removed from the dentures. Soaking the dentures keeps them wet which is better for them.

Get Them Checked

Finally, the most important step is to regularly visit your dentist and have your dentures, along with any remaining teeth, checked. The dentist will professionally clean the dentures and make sure you are looking after them. In addition, they can verify that your gums are staying healthy even with dentures.