Effective SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic in 2021

In the last two years, Perth, the capital city of West Australia, has seen higher growth in online shopping than its population. It stands second with its rate of parcel deliveries growing at almost twice its 2 million people.

Perth is dynamic and one of the fastest-growing cities, with a GRP of over $40 billion. Though Perth has significant business growth, the firms here require to bolster their online presence, ensuring their customers have the best online shopping experience.

The reputed Perth SEO agencies implement effective SEO techniques that can drive more traffic to your website. Here are some of the latest SEO techniques that can help you increase your online footprint and improve your profit margins.

Prioritising User Experience

Even with 80% of West Australians having smartphones and Google advocating mobile-first indexing, most Perthites are still on desktop.

The SEO experts in Perth implement techniques to improve the user experience, whether its website loading on desktop or mobile and the overall landing page experience. They focus on creating content that appeals to repeat customers as a form of remarketing.

Improving Your Website for Voice Searches

About 57% of Australians, particularly in Perth, tend to use voice search, with 20% of mobile queries being voice searches. Moreover, 20% of Perthites, who own digital voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, use their phones less often.

With voice queries, you can use longer phrases, with Google claiming to have a voice recognition accuracy of 90%. The experienced SEO agencies leverage on long-tail keywords and utilise structured data for success.

Utilising the Money Pages

The landing pages are essential for link building. Worry not! You have an alternative approach, where you can create blog posts and build links to it. This strategy is a boost to your landing page.

Nearly 70% of West Australians read blogs, while about 40% of social media users post blog articles.

The SEO experts in Perth help you identify content relevant to your business.

Prioritising Mobile-First Design

Perth boasts busy highways like the Leach Hwy and Canning Hwy, with huge, attractive billboards mounted along the way. However, only 46% of Perthites believe Billboards bring new products to their attention.

It is more sensible to reach your customers when they need you the most. The mobile-first approach helps you to achieve this goal. With excellent brand experience on mobile, over 90% of Perthites recommend the brand to their friends.

The SEO consultants focus on building your website for mobile-first, at the same time, ensuring your website is desktop-friendly.

Creating Excellent Content

Nearly 50% of Perth online marketers consider blog content creation as a top inbound marketing priority. Reports suggest that there are about 80 million blog posts published across Australia.

In Perth, about 40% of firms hire a designated content strategist executive to develop natural and traffic generating content. It supports the fact that content marketing gains three times more leads than paid search advertising.

The content needs to be more structured with suitable titles and subtitles than on only keywords. It is best to build the content, highlighting what your customers want. SEO specialists focus on creating original text as content, that is relevant to your readers.

Prioritising Video Content

Caversham in Perth is a popular destination for millennials, aged between 25-34 years, who wish to settle in this capital city. This age group prefers online content that has more videos.

Video content is likely to drive five times more conversion than text, successfully retaining more customers. Moreover, pages with more video content have 50% more chances to rank on page 1 of Google search.

It is best to build content that includes excellent videos to attract the millennial traffic to your website, and thus, improving your online presence.

Pay More Attention to Local SEO

About 60% of Perth businesses have yet to claim their Google My Business listing. They miss out on the essential local SEO strategy, losing the race to have the best online footprint.

With 90% of Perth shoppers starting their purchases with online searches and about 70% reading online reviews, local SEO helps your brand stand out.

With local optimisation, Perth SEO agencies aim at highly targeted and timely nature of the local search market, helping you establish your brand in the Perth market.

Summing Up

The number of mobile connections in Perth during January 2020, grew over 100% of its total population. The latest market reports suggest that by 2031, Perthites will prefer shopping online over physical stores.

Moreover, videos will contribute to 75% of website traffic. Thus, to pace up with these SEO trends, hire a reputed SEO consultant in Perth, bolstering your online presence, and boosting your overall sales.