Easy wellness guidelines for kids during the pandemic by Dennis Begos

The pandemic outbreak has adversely impacted everyone! On one end, it has made the economy go on a downswing with business losses and office shutdowns. And on the other hand, it has impacted people’s lives by creating a fear of contracting the virus. Today, most people have to abide by social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Even our kids need to follow the same and opt-in for online classes and tutorials to stay safe. Parents need to develop wellness guidelines that will help their kids stay healthy and happy at home.

Dennis Begos’s guidelines for kids

It can be a challenge to manage your kids at home. You need to pay attention to their mental and physical health during this pandemic phase. Dennis Begos shares some of the best wellness guidelines that will ensure that your kids stay engaged, happy, and healthy.

1. Boost your kid’s immune system by adding vitamin C to the diet

You must ensure that your kid’s immune system stays healthy during the pandemic. It will help them to combat the virus. You can add tangerines, oranges, spinach, grapefruits, broccoli, and strawberries to their meals. These are all necessary vitamin C sources that will help your kid’s immune system and keep them physically agile and healthy.

2. Start the day with a healthy breakfast

You must have a consistent eating plan for your kids and make sure that they don’t skip breakfast. When your kid wakes up to a healthy breakfast platter, it will give them the essential nutrients to start their day.

3. Allow them to learn a dance form

Any kind of physical exercise is beneficial for kids. It is the perfect time for kids to pick up a new dance form. You can enroll them in online dance classes and allow them to practice their lessons. It helps to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness, minimize symptoms of depression and anxiety, and build strong bones.

4. Prepare family meals together to promote healthy eating

It is a good idea to involve the entire family in deciding the family meals. It will teach your children the relevance of good nutrition as well as healthy eating habits.

5. Consume your meals together

When you eat meals together, it helps kids adjust to the “new normal” of staying home. It also promotes sharing and allows members to learn about each other’s eating habits. Kids will always enjoy and cherish family mealtime.

6. Encourage your kids to read a book

Kids must stay away from the scary news updates about the pandemic and focus on topics that will help them think and feel better. One of the best habits that parents should teach their kids is reading. Books help a kid to imagine, and it also enhances their creativity. You can create a separate corner in your house or kid’s room where they can read their best books. Reading a book before falling asleep is also essential. Allow them to choose favorite genres so they can truly enjoy their reading time.

These are some of the useful wellness guidelines that will help your kids through the pandemic.