Discover the most downloaded gambling apps in India during 2020

It is a fact that technology was crucial to our lives during 2020. Many ideas collected during these months shared some insights with each individual within the industry. Especially in relation to mobile devices, last year was decisive in terms of what the needs of people are today or also to rethink whether the path that technology was taking a year ago was the right one.

Entertainment was one of the most popular niches during the months of confinement. According to some studies like the one published by Sensor Tower, almost 17% of all global downloads come from India, especially those related to gaming.

Given this fact, Google took advantage and just a couple of weeks after 2021, released the news about its new strategy: the company would be expanded to more markets, and today its Play Store gives access to 19 countries around to world to online casino games, lotteries, sports betting, and daily fantasy sports apps.

Curious about which gambling apps were downloaded the most in India? We have made a list to cover that question.

Teen Patti Star

India has its version for poker, and it is Teen Patti. This card game was played in ancient times and today, thanks to technology, it is available in your smartphone. During 2020 it was the most downloaded card game for being a game that is part of Indian culture, an easily accessible reference when someone is looking to spend some recreational time. The application is flexible and easy to play even with friends.

Callbreak Superstar

Another game that became an option for the Indians when looking for options to have fun with friends from a distance, has been Call Break. To play this strategic card game, a group of four people must be formed, with a deck of 52 cards. Its online version is very popular in Nepal today, and it is conquering more territories in India.

Teen Patti Real-3 Patti Online

Although it is the same Teen Patti game, this app can be downloaded quickly and have a totally different experience, since you can play live with real players. For this reason it has been the third most downloaded card game app in the past year.

Since March of last year, the world population has gone through a stage of social isolation, which has prohibited them from traveling and visiting other countries. In addition, seeing loved ones has also been quite a difficult task. For this reason, many people found a way to have fun through online games, since it offers the possibility that a group of people can connect at the same time, from different places, and share a moment together.