Different Types of Banners to Consider for your use

The Digital revolution may have brought in many new ways as digital signage or display boards, but print banners’ significance remains high. Print banners require less maintenance and come at a highly lowered pricing compared to the digital solutions we discussed above.

With the high popularity of banner advertisements, different signage solutions are also on offer by different vendors like Step and Repeat NYC. Digitally printed banners are now considered as the swiss-army knife for the marketers with their versatility and modularity.

There are many types of banners, and for varying needs, it may be a bit overwhelming to choose the most appropriate type of banner. Especially for first-time buyers, choosing the right type of banner for your purpose may be challenging.

So, for the newcomers who are confused about choosing the right type of banner for your advertising or display needs, here we are compiling the most popular types of banners to consider.

When selecting the perfect banner size, think about where it will be displayed, how noticeable you want it to be, whether it needs to be moved often, and any hardware limitations in order to choose the best dimensions for the banner’s purpose and visual effect.

Different banner materials

Fabric banners

These are usually made of satin or polyester. You can make use of these fabric materials for making colored graphic content and text-based banners. These banners are also crease-resistant and machine washable. Fabric banners are recommended mostly for indoor use. However, they can be used outdoors too.

Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners exist for a long and are used widely for many good reasons. The banners made out of vinyl are highly durable and also weather and tear-resistant. You can confidently go for vinyl banners for heavy-duty banner-making. For outdoor use also, vinyl is the most recommended banner material.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are the latest advertising strategy for outdoor use. As mesh banners are more permeable in the weave, it will let the wind pass through without lifting the banner. Mesh banners are ideal for outdoor extra-large signage at the hoardings, storefronts, big building wall displays, full coverage of structures, etc. Along with their high duty, mesh banners can also make a highly impressive promotional impact.

Different banner types

Retractable pull up banners

These are also known as roll-up banners, a highly portable and attractive solution for tradeshows and conventions. These can be made in various sizes of 4 to 12 feet tall and varying widths based on your needs. These are easy to carry around in pouches or trolleys and can also set up quickly and easily anywhere.

Backwall and pop display banners

These are often made of fabric materials. The pop-up type booths are often used to be fixed as the background display of the exhibition shells. These display banners are sturdy and can also stretch wider than retractable banners.

  • The other major choices in popular banner types are:
  • Step & repeat banners
  • Outdoor light pole banners or boulevard banners
  • Framed banners
  • Feather banners
  • Suspended banners or hanging banners

You can also find banner solutions purpose wise as announcement banners, promotional banners, event banners, appreciation banners, environmental banners, sports banners, religious banners, etc. Promotional banners, event banners, appreciation banners, environmental banners, sports banners, religious banners, etc.