Designing a Kitchen with an Italian Aesthetic

The people of Italy are renowned for their hospitality, and the region of Tuscany is known for its graceful atmosphere. This combination of characteristics gives rise to Italian kitchen designs which boast the classic and delicious cuisine for which the country is famous.

A unique aspect of Italian kitchen design is the incorporation of color. Bright hues from the Mediterranean Sea and natural hues are typically used to create a cheerful and stylish atmosphere. Popular colors in this design scheme include ocher, burnt orange, terracotta, soft yellows, and vivid blues. This combination of colors is meant to represent the Italian way of life, where cooking and dining are of utmost importance.

italian kitchen

In Italian-style kitchens, matte surfaces like countertops, floors, and backsplashes in natural stone or granite, terracotta tile, slate, or mosaic designs are common. Cooking materials are also often prominently displayed, either in containers on the counter or hanging from antique racks. The overall look is one of relaxed luxury and a space one can happily stay in for extended periods of time.

Italian kitchens typically have bright and airy lighting, often accompanied by plenty of natural light. Flowers, plants, and artwork with rustic scenes are typical decorations. Wooden beams on the ceiling are common, as are cabinets crafted from fine wood.

kitchen cabinet

Italian kitchen design offers a vast array of dynamic appliances and accessories, from stainless steel designs that fit in with a Tuscan or Mediterranean style, to vintage and modern pieces in bright colors. Generally, a kitchen’s natural and earthy design is complemented by appliances and cooking accessories that are more traditionally designed, rather than contemporary or modern.

In conclusion, the furniture in Italian kitchens is usually complementary to the overall design. Tuscan-style Italian kitchens often use aged, natural woods in their furniture. On the other hand, Mediterranean-style Italian kitchens typically have more modern and vivid pieces, such as stainless steel tables, stools, and chairs, as well as brightly-colored woods in shades of orange, blue, and green.