Cost-Effective Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchens Perth is your greatest option if you need a new, stunningly designed kitchen remodel in Kitchen renovations around Perth at an affordable price. Kitchens are among the most expensive areas of a home to remodel due to material and labor costs. For one, changing the entire layout of your kitchen and updating the materials would undoubtedly drive up your budget.

But even if you don’t have lots of money for a full-scale renovation, you will still be able to turn the look of your kitchen with dramatically these little, cost-saving kitchen remodeling tips:

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1. Keep the cabinets, but refresh their look

New cabinets take up a big chunk of the average kitchen renovation and remodeling cost by 30% to 50%. Rather than replacing your current cabinets and cupboards, simply refresh their appearance by repainting or staining them and updating the hardware, such as their door handles.

While cleaning, priming and repainting kitchen cabinets can be time-consuming (depending on how many cabinets you have), it’s a job that even beginners can do and achieve great results. Besides kitchen cabinets, also do kitchen exhaust cleaning to make it new. It will improve the quality of your kitchen air with a refreshing look.

You can also add a new trim or molding to kitchen cabinet doors to look as if they have been entirely replaced with new cabinets (even though they’re not).

Or, consider removing the doors altogether if you want to turn your cabinets into open shelves.

2. Consider stenciling the tiles instead of replacing them

Prying old kitchen tiles off the wall and replacing them with new ones is not only expensive, but they’re also a hassle to work on. To get the most out of your kitchen renovation project, just repaint or stencil them.

You can find and purchase tile stencils from your nearest shop or online. It only takes a little cleaning and prep work to get your tiles ready for stenciling. Your work will be done in less time than it would take to tear down half the old tiles off the wall. Meanwhile, you can buy internal door handles with the highest quality from the given link.

3. Update the look of your floors without replacing them

New flooring for an average-sized kitchen would usually set you back between $1,800 and $2,800. While it can be pretty costly, it still depends on the new flooring material you will use. For example, sheet vinyl can cost as little as $1,000, while hardwood (a popular choice for kitchens) can cost around $4,000.

If those options cannot meet your budget, consider these cheaper options:

  • Just clean it – Filthy floors lead to ugly floors. It only takes a good cleaning to get your old tile floors looking good and new again. You may clean that by yourself or hire a professional cleaner to do that (which can set you back at as much as $450 – still cheaper than replacing your entire flooring).
  • Look beneath – If your kitchen has some hideous vinyl flooring, it would worth peeling it and look what’s under it. Who knows, under that crummy old vinyl flooring, you might be surprised to find a good hardwood underneath that only needs to be cleaned and refurbished (the work would cost you around $600).
  • Paint the floor – Wood floors are perfectly okay to be repainted. It only needs a little cleaning, prep work, and any repairs to get your kitchen wood floors ready. If you do the job by yourself, it would cost you only around $200. As for repainting vinyl flooring, it’s possible to do that (believe it or not). Clean the vinyl floor well, roll on one or two coats of primer, and let the primer dry (preferably overnight) before finishing it with a topcoat.
  • Use peel-and-stick vinyl tiles – Peel-and-stick vinyl tiles have become popular nowadays: they are easy to install and remove, look like real tiles when installed, are affordable, and are available in many colors and designs. You can buy them from hardware, home improvement stores, or online.

4) Consider refurbishing or updating your kitchen appliances

In the past, kitchen appliances were directly dumped to landfills during the course of the renovation. Thankfully, that old-fashioned way of thinking is out, as many towns and cities have imposed restrictions against sending old appliances to landfills.

Today, information about fixing kitchen appliances is readily available on the Internet. You can also contact to have your appliances fixed. There’s also a thriving service parts marketplace online, enabling many homeowners to refurbish and update their own appliances, usually: refrigerators, dishwashers, microwave ovens, water heaters, etc.

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