Blogs Aren’t Dead: How to Reinvent Your Site in 2021

Blog culture has been around for over a decade, and as one of the first digital mediums, it’s fallen out of the public eye. With Instagram, YouTube TikTok and other fast-paced, bite-sized platforms, it can be difficult to entice a wide audience to read 500 to 1,000 words of pure writing. Today’s consumers are hard to please because they’re used to constant novelty. Long-form pieces do thrive in certain contexts, but they’re hard to perfect and still largely video-based. All of this might sound like the era of blogging is dead, but that’s far from true. With the help of social media and some digital marketing smarts, you can give your site’s lackluster blog a total overhaul in 2021.

Revamp Your Site’s Design

If your website was designed in 2010, or at least looks like it was, you need to address it before any other changes. Design might seem superficial in the context of a blog, but it is the first thing a person notices. Poor design makes the difference between reading or clicking off the screen in an instant. People are highly visual, and you need a design that not only captures your brand but is easy on the eyes, engaging and intuitive. Above all else, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. In the web design world, this is called responsive. No matter what size screen someone is viewing your blog from, it should appear clean and seamless.

Brush Up on Your SEO

Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of website building. Once the mechanics and design are solid, you have to focus on the keywords your site is centered around. Strong SEO is not just about picking a few terms and spamming them on a site. Instead, smart algorithms rank web pages based on how they naturally integrate and encompass a search query. In other words, you need strong content that contributes to the internet’s knowledge base for that particular keyword or phrase. An SEO consultant can help you create relevant content that draws people in and makes search engines give your site more visibility.

Create a Content Schedule

How long will your blog posts be on average? Will you have guest posters? How will you build backlinks, which are vital to blog credibility and growth? Do you understand how to build traction use evergreen content to do so? It all comes down to your content strategy and its schedule. Once or twice a week is more than enough for a blog renovation, and it can be bolstered by promotional social media posts. If you have an international website, it would be best to use a multilingual link-building expert to help you create a content schedule for your local content. In this way, your sites will rank better in local searches. When you promote your latest posts on other platforms, you have to be mindful of the medium.

Could you condense some of what you wrote about into a catchy Instagram reel that makes people want to learn more? Then harness the power of video to drive traffic and expand your audience. You can also use Facebook to get more breakthroughs and even have conversations with your followers in the comments section. Make sure that you are consistent in everything. From the tone of voice you use in your blog to the imagery and timing, you want to build trust through your presence. Blogging should be all about establishing a rapport and boosting your business’s authority in your niche.