Big Trends Shaping Product Design in 2021

Designers, of course, should be the best in graphics. But it is also important for marketers, SMM specialists, businessmen to understand what is relevant now and what it is high time to forget about. How else to control the quality of the designers’ work and make sure that the visual language of the brand is correct? Must be used illustrations in product design trends 2020.


Now typography is becoming one of the main tools for expressive design, having a tremendous impact on visual perception. More and more studios around the world are focusing on the creation of typefaces as a separate area of ​​work. And thanks to this, including a lot of cool three-dimensional spellings.

3D typography, which is most naturally applied in branding, allows you to add a sense of depth and volume. it feels as if it can be touched. This industrial design trends is becoming a great symbol of innovation in graphics. It uses all the most fashionable, modern techniques and amazing creative techniques.

Optical illusions

When our brain is not able to instantly read the image, we involuntarily begin to peer and understand – it is thanks to this property that the use of optical illusions allows us to keep users’ attention for a long time.

If there is anything in the philosophy of the brand that is related to the ideas of movement and plasticity, then optical illusions will be an excellent design trick. However, it is worth looking at the trend in situations where you just want the design to stand out and stay in memory.

Cartoon illustrations

The modern world lives online, where minimalism and indifference reign in trends in product design. You can add emotions to modern life with the help of cartoon illustrations – one of the most unexpected trends in the design of the coming year.

The use of such illustrations is primarily worth in branding: the drawn characters that make you smile will help to animate the brand, giving it features that go beyond the traditional functionality. By the way, then branded cartoon illustrations will help refresh the brand’s website, presentation materials and even business cards.


Voxels are a very interesting design technique that combines retro style with modernity. The use of voxels will add dynamics to the design and create a memorable effect due to the novelty of the trend. Voxels can be used almost everywhere: both in identity or illustrations, and in applications or on a website.

Merging with the visual arts

There has always been a separation between design and visual arts, but 2021 aims to blur traditional boundaries. Painting gives a design surface variability, making it real enough to touch.

Brand element in the Pipndrop Suprematica identity

As a rule, we associate fine arts with the elegance of the old world, so this trend will look the most natural in the design of wine labels or cosmetic packaging.

Plump forms

3D design is at its dawn, and with it puffy shapes in illustrations and typography are gaining popularity. Their use gives design not only a hyper-real effect, but also blurs the line between physical and digital.

It’s important not to overdo it: chubby shapes are bound to become the center of attention in layouts, so to create a harmonious design, combine them with 2D illustrations or photographs.

Natural patterns

In 2020, we spent so much time at home that it is not surprising that there is such a keen general interest in the world of product design trend around us in the coming year. Iis nice to look at natural gradients and earthy colors as product design trends after half a year of living online.