Benefits of Jade Rollers to Your Skin, According to Experts

Jade is a popular ornamental stone that has a special place in Eastern culture. It is especially treasured in China, where people also use it in feng shui and alternative medicine.

Yes, jade is not only for ornamental purposes but purportedly for health and wellness purposes, too. Have you heard of jade rollers trending in the health and beauty sphere right now? It might be your next essential to your beauty kit. Not to mention that it also works as a pretty decoration for your vanity.

Many of us cannot visit salons and beauty clinics for a variety of reasons. However, you still can continue with your beauty rituals while being stuck at home. Jade rollers have become popular these days, partly because of the jade stone meaning and healing benefits.

If you have been to a massage before and enjoyed its benefits, you will get pretty much similar benefits when using a jade roller. It’s either you use it yourself or let someone else use it to massage your face.

Health benefits of jade

But first, though, you may ask: “why jade for a derma roller?” Even though more people adopt holistic medical and wellness practices like acupuncture and drinking tea these days, most Westerners tend to be skeptical towards these ancient Eastern medical practices. And more so when it comes to gemstones and crystals, which are said to have healing benefits. Others, though, have sworn by these alternative medical practices and healing gemstones and crystals.

It is widely believed that jade can:

    • Help detoxify the body by improving the body’s filtration and cleansing systems;
    • Boost blood circulation;
    • Boost the immune system;
    • Treat bodily pains, including back pain, deep tissue pain, and arthritis pain;
    • Help treat hypertension;
    • Improve the heart, lungs, thymus, kidney, gall bladder and liver;
    • Provide a healing and calming effect on the nervous system;
    • Stimulate the energy force, known in Chinese as “qi” or “chi.”

Benefits of a jade roller

If you are still skeptical, that’s pretty understandable. But as jade rollers are usually only a fraction of the cost of the expensive facial and body treatment options, there’s nothing wrong if you give them a try, right? But you have to use the jade roller regularly and diligently to see the results you are looking for. Check out the benefits that a jade roller can bring to your face and body with proper and regular use.

1. It smooths the skin

If you don’t know it yet, your face has 42 different muscles. Tense facial muscles and other facial movements such as smiling, squinting, raising the forehead or furrowing the brow can cause wrinkles and fine and deep lines to one’s face. Proper and regular use of a jade roller can help reduce wrinkles and help soothe the skin.

2. It soothes the skin

The feeling of a jade roller gliding over your skin can bring a cool and calming feeling. Unlike other face massaging products, a jade roller doesn’t nip, pull, or prick your skin; thus, it doesn’t leave an irritating feeling to it.

3. It increases circulation to your skin, making it look luminous

Using a jade roller regularly can help boost blood circulation to your skin. With better blood flow, your skin enjoys a well-balanced distribution of oxygen and nutrients flowing to its surface. It only takes a five-minute massage with a jade roller, and you can feel the increased blood flow that can last for about ten minutes, giving your skin the extra glow.

4. It allows other skincare products to absorb into the skin better

No matter how good or expensive your skincare products are, they will be rendered ineffective unless they actually absorb into the skin. The jade roller can supercharge your other skincare products, such as creams, moisturizers, and serums, by facilitating better absorption into the skin. You can use the jade roller before or even after applying these other products to work them into your skin.

5. It doesn’t have artificial chemicals and additives

Jade rollers are made from natural jade stone, usually green, but they are also available in white and rose. Many jade rollers are also available in different color patterns.

Another great thing about jade rollers is that you don’t have to worry about what’s in them. They are natural, free from synthetic materials, chemicals, dyes, fragrances and other additives, ensuring a beneficial and safe rolling. No matter what skin type you have, a jade roller is absolutely safe to use.