An Introduction to Final Fantasy’s Masamune

A sword has various designs depending on the wielder. Some people prefer double-edged, while others want single-edged swords. There are blades that are wide, while there are those that are thin for easier control. From all these factors, the user of the blade determines what type would work best for him or her.

With all the different sword designs, it is evident that there are versions that stood from the rest. These swords are sure to gain recognition because of their effectiveness and appearance.

We might already hear of some of the famous swords in history. Among the list of most known swords are the blades of Masamune.

What is the Masamune?

In contrast to most belief, Masamune is not entirely a sword. It is the name of a great swordsmith in Japan named GoroNyudoMasamune,who specializes in the creation of swords and daggers.

There is no much information about the life of Masamune, but his works continue to show greatness in our modern world. He made several swords, and some of them are a popular display in the Tokyo National Museum, as well as other galleries in different places.

His work made a significant impact not just to the Japanese culture, but also in our popular culture around the globe. What made his name famous is because of its various appearances in movies, TV shows, and video games. One of the most remarkable video games that made a huge impact on the name Masamune is the Japanese role-playing game series – Final Fantasy.

Masamune Blade in the Final Fantasy game franchise

Masamune is one of the most known weapons in the Final Fantasy series. Most games in the franchise have their version of the Masamune, and most of the time, the sword appears to be a high-level weapon. With all these different variations of the Masamune, there are distinct features of the blade that made it difficult to distinguish.

However, from all of the games showing the Masamune, there is one that made it a trademark. This game is no other than Final Fantasy VII. FF7 is often considered to be the most popular Final Fantasy game, which is why its characters are one of the most recognized in our pop culture.

Interestingly, what made the Masamune famous in this game is because of its main antagonist and final boss – Sephiroth. Sephiroth is the main wielder of the Masamune blade in Final Fantasy VII. It acts as a counterpart to Cloud’s Buster Sword; the Masamune is used in the game as a weapon for destruction.

In the game, there is no much information about the origins of the Masamune. However, there are claims that there is only one person who could use it effectively, and that person is its current user, Sephiroth.

In Final Fantasy VII, the Masamune appears like a very long katana. In Japanese terminology, this sword is categorized as an odachi blade, a large sword used by samurais in feudal Japan. It does not have any definite size, although, in the game, it varies from six to eight feet long. It also has variations in its color, with its blade sometimes color gold, while sometimes mostly black. Some versions of this sword have a wider curve, while others have a more relaxed angle. Because of the size of this sword, it is apparent to be a two-handed weapon, but one feature of Sephiroth’s power is that he could hold the Masamune with one hand.

Other Appearances of the Masamune in Final Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, the Masamune is not an exclusive weapon in FF7. Furthermore, it appeared in most Final Fantasy games, wherein its appearance varies on the game. Here are some of the Final Fantasy games with the Masamune blade:

Final Fantasy VII Remake – This game is a complete remake of the classic FF7 game. Since it is a remake of the original game, Sephiroth is still a part of it and still uses the Masamune as his main weapon.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – this is not a game, but a movie that is inclined with the Final Fantasy VII’s main storyline. Sephiroth also appears as the antagonist of the movie, wherein he wield his iconic Masamune.

Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII – This installment of the game is one of the most underrated compared to its predecessors. Sephiroth appears as an allied force of the Shinra Electric Power Company with his sword – the Masamune.

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII –Sephiroth constantly appears during this game, and every time he does, he wields his Masamune blade.