A Guide to Clean Dyson Filter

Dyson vacuum is a one-stop solution for all your home cleaning activities. Dyson is an expert at freeing your home from all that unwanted dust from variant floors to diverse surfaces. If you didn’t know, a Dyson could clear out the car dust as well. And all your multipurpose vacuum demands is proper care, especially of the filter.

Today, you will learn how to clean a Dyson filter at home responsibly.

Dyson Filter an Introduction

Dyson, a trusted name in the world of vacuum cleaners and other home appliances, has launched several cleaning models so far with different kinds of filters. While some filters may last for six months, some sustain for up to 2-3 years. Generally, the washable filters have a longer lifeline.

Let’s say you own a Dyson V10 model that comes with a washable filter, then to keep it functional for a longer time, you must wash it, adhering to the proper measures.

How to Clean a Dyson Filter Easily?

If you wash your Dyson filter for the first time, don’t forget to check its model. For Dyson V10 or V11 models, you can consider the following step-by-step process:

Step 1

Twist the filter anti-clockwise to remove it first, and then gently pull it away. If you notice accumulated dust around the edge, brush it away before washing.

Step 2

Hold the filter directly below your running tap, let the cold water cleanse the inside of the filter. You can move the filter slightly in a circular motion to make sure the water hits every spot.

Caution: Don’t use hot water as it might damage the filter.

Step 3

To wash the outer section of the filter, fill it with water, place your hand on the open edge, and shake it. Repeat cleaning the inner and outside part of the filter a few times, and drain the excess water away from the inside.

Caution: Never use any detergent or soap on the filter. It can reduce its efficiency or shorten its longevity. Although a few online DIY hacks might suggest you to do so, Dyson doesn’t recommend it at all.

Step 4

Once you are done with the cleaning process, let it dry. Place the open end up for as long as possible. Please remember, you cannot refit the filter to the vacuum until it has completely dried up.

Are There Any Other Measures That You Should Take into Account?

The method mentioned above is more or less all-inclusive. However, putting the filter in your dishwasher, tumble dryer, washing machine, oven, or keeping it near the naked flame is strictly prohibited.

How Often Should You Wash the Filter?

If not, after every cleaning, you should wash your Dyson filter at least once a month.

How to Understand That Your Filter Needs an Immediate Cleaning?

Your Dyson cleaner is equipped with different light indicators. If your blockage light is flashing, there could be a blockage in the cleaning wand or the tools. If you notice the light even after cleaning those parts, look into the cyclones or the bin inlet. If all those are clean, yet the light is still on, the blockage might be in the filter.

How Often Should You Get Your Filter Checked?

Ideally, you should get your Dyson filter checked every six months, and it’s easy. Browse the internet for their service line or call a Dyson agent you know personally.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to clean a Dyson filter was comprehensive. In case your vacuum is still not working after washing the filter, you probably need a new one. For further information, get in touch with the professionals.