8 Must Visit Places in Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland, is a well-known town for beaches. Situated on the East Coast, it is a spectacular destination to visit throughout the year. The boardwalk extending to three-mile is full of beachside eateries and souvenir shops. It is an ideal place if you crave funnel cakes and French fries. Restaurants, carousels, arcades, and activities for holidays like kite flying on the beach and fishing provide great fun to the entire family.

Ocean City, Maryland, experiences a subtropical climate with humid conditions in summer, and winters are cool with precipitation throughout the year. Ocean City has a moderate temperature as the location is on the Coast of the Atlantic. The sea breeze in the afternoon is cool during the month of summer on most days.

During the winter month, the weather in Ocean City is cool averaging, a high of 45 F (7.5 C). The city gets 15-30 cm of snowfall, on average, from Dec-March, with February being the snowiest month. While planning a trip, it is best to check the Ocean City weather radar so that you have a pleasant trip without any climatic disturbances.

1. Northside Park

Northside Park is one of the most famous and the biggest parks in Ocean City. It is a fifty-eight acres complex that has the following facilities:

  • A Multipurpose field
  • A footbridge
  • Picnic area
  • Two piers
  • Three lighted baseball/softball fields
  • Soccer field
  • Two playgrounds
  • A Gazebo
  • Concession stand
  • Jogging/Walking path

The Northside Park has a multi-sports arena spread across 21,000 square feet. It also has a building measuring 14,000 square foot having sitting areas, a community room, gymnasium, patio, conference room, and a kitchen.

The families get the invitation to utilize a day in the park, participating in any one of several sports activities. The family member enjoys relaxing near the water or can take a walk on the well-maintained grounds.

2. Ocean City Beach

Ocean City is a popular family-friendly beachside fun spread across ten miles. Marylanders and visitors gather on the warm sand to enjoy a day of surfing, sunning, and swimming. To enjoy surfing, two beaches are reserved every day. Those of you wishing to explore some thrills in water adventure can get engaged with canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

The boardwalk has different arcades and stores. The travel channel has rated the boardwalk as America’s favorite. It is fun to explore the boardwalk on a skateboard, roller skates, or on a bike. During most summer nights, family activities like beach Olympics, concerts, and movies get scheduled free of cost.

3. Trimper’s Rides, Ocean City, Maryland

The rides and Trimper’s Amusement Park is a tradition of Ocean City. It has been more than a century that the same family has owned and operated this amusement park. They offer an environment like a carnival with dazzling lights and fun rides. Also, concession stands offer treats like funnel cake, popcorn, cotton candy, and much more stuff that you can think of on a boardwalk.

Visiting and spending a day at Trimper has become a tradition for many people. In Trimper you will find a theatre, two hotels and above all the amusement park- it guarantees you and your entire family a fun-filled time.

4. Art League of Ocean City

The Ocean City Art League is an organization that is not profit-oriented. It was a league created to make the people appreciate and get some inspiration through art. It is a two-story gallery for visitors to explore the work by the regional and local artists. There is always something new that is presented every month in the exhibition. The exhibition starts on the first Friday of the month, with a reception and is open to the general public.

If you are eager to get crafty yourself, many artists can arrange an art class for you. Also, schedule your time to spend at the potter studio, or you can even work in isolation with any one of the five running artist studios. Community events, art camp programs, and workshops get designed for everyone according to their skills and age.

5. Frontier Town

Frontier town is located only five miles from Ocean City. It is an award-winning town for camping and falls alongside the Bay of Sinepuxent. The Frontier town is one of the best and a family-oriented getaway in Maryland, offering more than six hundred campsites. All the amenities for visitors to this site are available in the frontier town.

The water park offers relaxation to the families. You also get the opportunity to explore golfing skills or race down the waterslide. You can also explore activities like fishing on a chartered boat or off the pier, buying stuff from the gift shop and arcade, and kayaking.

6. Jolly Roger Amusement Park

Jolly Roger Amusement Park has four different parks, having amusement, games, rides, waterslides, and more. The visitors can explore only one park or all four. You can have a great time with your family with waterslides at Splash Mountains and thrilling activities at Speedworld while enjoying the go-kart.

There are more activities to explore at Jolly Roger Amusement Park, like relaxing on the pier, a petting zoo, mini-golf, and many other attractions and rides. It has enough concession stands and an onsite restaurant for the families to have their meals and re-energize themselves.

7. Paradise Water Sport

The Paradise Water sport provides the visitors a lifetime memory of jet skiing and parasailing experience. The visitors and locals rush to lease and ride the Sea-Doo jet skis that are extremely fast. Each member of your family, irrespective of age, will enjoy the thrilling speed of the ski.

The experience of parasailing in the Paradise Water sport is out of this world. The visitors get to fly over dolphins, gorgeous sea turtles, and wild ponies of Assateague in the distance. The visitors also get an eagle view of Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland.

8. Sea Rocket, Ocean City, Maryland

There are a lot of fun activities that Sea Rocket adventures offer in Ocean City, MD. You can enjoy paddle boarding, parasailing, sailing tours, kayaking, banana boat fun, ocean boat rides, and many other activities.

The entire family can enjoy water-based attractions such as water slides and water trampolines. Catamaran provides refreshing water in the Ocean City for visitors to enjoy. Or else they can sit or lie down to have a typical tropical island-like sunbath.

A Single Holiday is Not Enough

There are very few places in the world that provide so much for visitors, and Ocean City is one of them. It is considered one of the best holiday destinations. You can enjoy mouth-watering quality eateries in the city with plenty of activities to do, along with your family. You also get an unforgettable experience visiting Ocean City, MD.

The city will offer you so much that it is difficult to explore everything in one holiday. We are sure that next time you plan a holiday, you will like to explore more in Ocean City. The best part of the city is, it is absolutely a family-friendly place for a getaway.