7 Ideas That Will Make Your Bathroom More Efficient

As a homeowner, you have to pay special attention to your bathroom as it is one of the most used places in the house. From bathtub to sink- you must maintain all basic fixtures to improve the space’s utility and efficiency.

Many people do not take bathroom efficiency seriously, which leads to water wastage and other issues. It can also cost you money in the long run, so it is better to beware of these things.

The cost of revamping a bathroom depends on the local prices of your city or state. Let’s say you are based in Oklahoma City; bathroom remodeling costs around $6,500 to $37,900. But the total cost depends on the size of the bathroom and the materials which are used.

Here are some ideas that will make your bathroom more efficient.

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Convert a bathtub to a shower

One of the best ways to improve your bathroom’s efficiency is to convert your bathtub to a shower. A bathtub can occupy a large space, so changing it to a shower can make your bathroom more spacious.

To install a shower, find out a reliable company in your city. For example, if you currently reside in Oklahoma City, you must shortlist all the companies with relevant experience and check their previous track record. It will help you choose the best Oklahoma City shower replacement company so that you will invest your money in the right place.

Adding a shower in your bathroom can also fulfill the mobility needs of all family members. Furthermore, it can ensure better safety and reduce the risk of falls by helping you avoid stepping over the tub’s wall. Unlike bathtubs, showers require less maintenance and take less cleaning time.

A well-built and well-designed custom shower can also increase the value of your home. It can help you get a good return on your investment if you decide to sell your property. So, converting the bathtub to a shower can offer plenty of benefits.

Unplug appliances

We use different appliances in our bathrooms while getting ready, which include shaving machines, hair dryers, and flat irons. All these tools consume energy, which can affect how much energy you use in the bathroom.

Many people do not understand that even when the appliances are turned off, they can still use energy, which is also known as vampire energy. Therefore, keep all devices in your bathroom unplugged to save extra power. This will also reduce the risk of electrical shocks.

Install efficient faucets

Another way to improve bathroom efficiency is to install efficient faucets. The aerator is the component that can make faucets efficient. It is attached to the shower head and helps control the water flow. You can attach it in the shower area and the sink to prevent water wastage.

On the other hand, you can also opt for custom-built faucets, which are specifically designed to reduce outflow. It helps to control the number of water gallons per minute. You can explore a variety of efficient faucets according to your budget.

Reduce the temperature of the water heater

The water heater is one of the biggest energy-consuming devices in our homes. People usually do not pay much attention to it, which leads to inefficient performance.

Manufacturers set the default temperature to around 140 degrees. It is 20 degrees higher than the suggested limit, so you need to set the temperature at 120 degrees. It can reduce your energy costs and help you easily manage monthly bills.

Controlling the water heater’s temperature can also prevent the rapid corrosion of pipes. If you have tank water heaters, consider replacing them with tankless water heaters. It will warm up the water only once the tap is turned on, so it will help to conserve energy.

Smartly use bathroom fan extractor

Extractor fans are used to keep odors outside the bathroom, and it is one of the most useful bathroom appliances. But you must use the fan only when it is required.

People turn on the fan and forget about it, which can become a source of excessive energy consumption. It also affects the functionality of fans, so you have to use them sparingly. It will help fans to last long and also improve the bathroom efficiency.

Install dual flush toilets

These toilets have dual flush buttons that help adjust the water amount and prevent wastage. You can consider installing a flush converter if you have an older toilet. This device contains a secondary flush mechanism that consumes less water. You do not have to remove the tank; the device can be easily installed. Furthermore, converters are reasonably priced, so installation will not be costly.

Install shower head

Installing a water-saving shower head can help you improve your bathroom efficiency quickly. It helps to control the water released from the shower and reduces the required energy of the water heater to heat the additional water. In this way, you can also prevent the waste of water.

You can find different types of water-saving shower heads, including stationary and hand-held ones. It will also elevate your shower experience. Installing shower heads will also limit your duration of showers, which will help you save time.


Making your bathroom efficient is not a complex process. You just have to install efficient faucets and shower heads and convert bathtubs to showers. It will help you control water usage efficiently, positively impacting your monthly billing. You can consult a plumber or bathroom remodeling company to get recommendations for improving the efficiency of your bathroom.