7 Amazing and Refined Spots of Mumbai You Must Visit

Mumbai is a dashing place and a charmer for sure. Whether you want to earn money, you wish to gain name or you are looking for some tourism; you can find it all nestled under the realm of this city. The place is also known as the financial capital of India. Of course, the centre of Bollywood and the place of thousands of people; the city has tourist spots that folks love to visit. The thing is since you are going to Mumbai next week for a family function, make sure you spare some good time for exploring the land. After all the city has so many things to explore and experience.

You can easily book Hotel in Mumbai and ensure that you have a good time in Mumbai.  You may witness the beaches, spectacular architectures, monuments, historic spots, rich gardens, parks, museums, and a lot more. Here are a few of the many refined and amazing spots that you may be interesting in to visit.

1. Elephanta Island

Located in the northeast of the Gateway of India in Mumbai Harbour, this amazing rock-cut temple on Gharapuri, commonly known as Elephanta Island, is a gorgeous place to go to.  It is a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place was constructed between AD 450 and 750.  It is undoubtedly true that this labyrinth of cave temple is truly a delight. Once you visit there, you are going to be stunned by the charm.

2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Originally, it was planned as the office of the Great Indian Peninsula Railways. But in the current time it is functioning as the Central Railways headquarters, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or even known as CST. It should be on your visit list if you are a history enthusiast. It might captivate your interest that this place is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of India’s most exciting and premium oldest Victorian-Italianate-Gothic chic architectural pieces.  It is a really historic railway station located in Mumbai constructed during the times of late 1800s, CST was gorgeously and tastefully designed by F. W. Stevens. Therein the art and drawings limb from Sir Gilbert Scott’s St Pancras International railway terminus that is in central London.

3. Marine Drive

Famously called as Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive is a beautiful four kilometres long walkway located in South Bombay.  It is one of the most stunning roads in Mumbai. You know a birds-eye view of this space looks superb at night with the beaming lights making the total resemble a queen’s necklace.  The place proved to be really lively and full of life when the folks gather here for fun, casual time or walks during the evening time. You can find a line of tea sellers and snacks being sold at this spot. The vistas from this place are really elegant. Whether you are with your spouse, your friend, parents, kids, or anyone else or even alone; this place has the charisma of blending with you in a beautiful manner.

4. Gateway of India

Gateway of India clearly remains one of Mumbai’s most chic and worth visiting monuments. The construction of this gate was begun in the year 1911 and took 13 years to come to a completion.  Constructed in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, the spectacular honey-coloured basalt stone memorial stays tall with four bartizans and fascinating , intricate latticework.  You can find a massive merriment at this place.

The place is located at South Mumbai’s Apollo Bunder road.  This signature testimonial overlooks the splendid Arabian Sea and displays an inscription mentioning that it was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in the nation in December 1911.  In case you love to stroll there along with some tasty snacks, you can do that.You will not find the spot uninteresting any bit.

5. Siddhivinayak Temple

It is a popular Hindu temple that is devoted to the Lord Shri Ganesh. The temple is a standing testament to charm and architecture.  The temple was constructed in the year 1801 and it diverts thousands of followers every single day. Even well-known celebrities along with other protuberant figures climb up to this temple to get blessings and offer prayers to Lord Ganesha. The temple does fascinate a massive number of tourists every day. If you go to Mumbai and you do not visit this temple, you may miss out something really divine and gorgeous. The vibes and environment of this temple is really uplifting and exciting.

6. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum 

Constructed by Sir George Birdwood and discerningly designed by William Tracey in the year 1862, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum, was initially known as the Victoria and Albert Museum. It stands out for its distinct rich Palladian architectural style in Mumbai.  Certainly , in Mumbai, Gothic styles are usually major. The museum has an impressive and beautiful collection of artefacts and other objects that bring the fascinating history of Mumbai alive. Many tourists go to this place for tasting the fragments of history of Mumbai.

7. Fashion Street

Now, if you are a fashion person then shopping may be on your mind. It may interest you that fashion Street is one of the biggest shopping destinations in Mumbai with over one hundred fifty shops on the street. The place promises you more products than any massive mall can offer you. This is a well-known shopping area that is famous for latest fashion and trendy accessories. You can even come across designer brands at this place that too at affordable prices. It is a typically vibrant flea market packed with folks all the time. The street is much more than just a casual market and yourmusts brush up your   bargain skills before you visit there as the shopkeepers do ask for higher costs to people who appear to be new in the city or area.


So, no matter what your interest is , what you love to explore and what makes you  happy; Mumbai has something for everyone. You must not miss out on these amazing destinations once you are in Mumbai.