6 Reasons to Pursue Spirituality

The pursuit of spirituality is the pursuit of profound understanding. Spirituality mostly refers to esoteric and mystical traditions, practices, and beliefs, although spirituality is subjective and maybe something pursued by one who follows a religion or sect but is usually separate from organized religion. The belief in the supernatural is a form of spirituality. Spirituality is the quest for sacred understanding and knowledge – it is pursued by millions of people across the world from all walks of life and is a way one can become more acquainted with themselves and who they really are, and what the world really is and its true nature. There are many benefits that one can derive from spiritual healing therapy and practising esoteric mysticism – and this page will hope to tell you what some of those are. We live in a sceptical society wherein mysticism is discounted as antiquated and nonsensical, but you mustn’t knock anything until you’ve tried it…

Here are six reasons to pursue spirituality.

Make a Change

Spirituality is very effective in completely changing your life for the positive. Many people experience profound spiritual and mental changes to their attitude and understanding of the

world through mystic and occult practices. One occultist, Matt Beech, explains that discovering magic can completely change your life for the positive and can help you live on higher vibrations. The change that one can experience when practising mysticism and spirituality can be so profound that people completely change and become unrecognizable from their former self. This, in most cases, is always positive, and while they retain their former character, their bad attributes fade away, and they are left as a person who wants to do nothing but good. The ability to make a positive change in your life is one reason that you should pursue spirituality.


Spirituality is something that as we grow older, we, especially here in the west, tend to become sceptical and cynical over. Spirituality can give you hope and can restore you to your former childlike state wherein the world was new; the world was good, and there was hope. Hopefulness is an attribute of most occultists, mainly because they genuinely believe in their practices and believe that they are making things happen by their own will. This is why they are so hopeful, and this is why you should pursue spirituality – hopefulness is a quality that can do no harm.


Those who practice spirituality often possess a type of compassion that is scarcely found even among the gentlest of our society. Compassion is a quality that must be cultivated and nourished – and is one of man’s most redeeming features. Spiritualists are compassionate because they see beyond man’s exterior and into the very depths of his soul. Compassion is an attribute that can do no harm and is an attribute you will begin to cultivate as you get deeper into spiritual practices. It is part of the profound awakening that most spiritualists experience during their practice.


One of the main reasons we are so depressed and anxious here in the west is that we have lost our sense of purpose. Many of us just go through life as if we were robots without any real understanding of why we are here and without any purpose whatsoever. Spiritual practices can offer you purpose and can help you to feel like you not only belong but that you are making an active change in the world and have a reason beyond your understanding for why you are here and why you are doing good things. A purpose is something we all need.


Spirituality can provoke inspiration in some people and help them to become better at things like art, music, and writing. Some of the finest artists and writers of the last five-hundred years were inspired by what they considered to be ‘divine inspiration’ and it is a reason that you may want to pursue spirituality. There is no reason that you cannot possess this divine inspiration, either, and no reason that you cannot use spirituality to better yourself in the arts or whatever you choose to become better at. Inspiration can do no harm to anybody.


Spirituality, above all, brings about peace. Our world is fraught with angst and depression, and peace is what we are all searching for and hoping to find. Peace can be found in spirituality and spirituality can help you to become a better, more caring, more loving person. Peace can be achieved.

Now, with the help of this page, you know six reasons why you should pursue spirituality and what the benefits of pursuing spirituality may be. Spirituality is an interesting practice with many permutations, so do your research and find a school of thought that intrigues you.