6 Female “Flaws” That Men Unexpectedly Like

How many women starve following diets and do a million beauty treatments in pursuit of a beautiful appearance. They spend outstanding sums of money on clothes from top designers, consultations with fitness trainers and makeup artists, unaware that men often like other things.

1. Healthy appetite

Men often admit that they find women insanely attractive when they stop talking about diets, gained pounds, and happily bite into a fat piece of steak or chocolate. Many guys noted that they are more pleased with the company of a lively and cheerful girl who knows how to enjoy food and does not sit with a detached look in front of a plate of salad. No perfect figure like that of a Latina cam girl will compensate for a sad face So this is a serious reason to think about it! Although we are not encouraging you to overeat. Even when men use Ukrainian women chat, they appreciate it when a girl genuinely tells that she has eaten a cake in the middle of the night. Women should not pretend that they do not eat after six.

2. Minimum makeup

Men prefer to see natural makeup on their girlfriends, without layers of foundation and bright lipstick. Many agreed that nothing could spoil the natural beauty, but it is more convenient to kiss without risking being stained. Natural beauty also insures against surprises in the form of fake eyelashes on the bedside table, unnatural eyebrows, or frightening hair extensions.

3. Curves

Many men find the insecurities of girls about overly curvy shapes. Big thighs, breasts, and feminine hips are always a great plus! Men like the feeling of softness of the feminine body, when there is something to grasp, where to pinch, cuddle. Healthy girls will not have problems with childbirth and will bring more pleasure in bed.

4. Home look

A Ukrainian bride in the perfect black dress and stockings is a dream, but not every day. The guys share that they love to watch their partner in her normal state: with a messy bun on her head, in cotton pajamas with Pokemon, and funny fluffy slippers. Such a girl seems sweet, gentle, vulnerable, and she feels like home. Men feel the sincerity in this way, comfort, and real closeness.

5. Messy hair

No matter how much women scold your mane because it is difficult to comb and style it in a model hairstyle, the advantage is on their side. The stronger sex admits that they like girls with messy hair much more than sleek beauties with even styling. In such hair, you want to run your hands and bury your nose. Whereas the perfect hairstyle says: “Don’t touch me and keep your hands away.”

6. Wrinkles, scars, minor skin imperfections

Surprisingly, if a man is in love, every mole, freckle, or postoperative stitch on a woman’s body seems especially attractive to him. Small defects give uniqueness, make a person different from everyone else. Therefore, guys are sincerely surprised if a girl is insecure about her scars.