6 Facts And 3 Myths About Marijuana

Is marijuana used just for smoking? No, that is a popular misconception and misunderstanding. Marijuana is filled with many more mysteries. You will discover it for yourself when you read the article.

This peculiar plant is a secret gem that historians and scientists have studied, utilized, and enjoyed. The headlines regarding marijuana world news include much more than just pot smoking. There has been a lot of conception about marijuana. However, in this article, we will be breaking some of the myths regarding marijuana.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Some people have been using cannabis and marijuana for a long time. It’s intriguing to study the facts and effects of pots. Some of the facts are amusing, while others reveal the hidden fallacies about cannabis that were published in marijuana world news.

Here are a few interesting facts about marijuana.

Females react differently than males

Cannabis users must be aware that various strains of marijuana have varied effects. However, what many people miss is the fact that weed has different effects on different people.

Females develop tolerance to pot faster than guys do, according to research. When women are ovulating, their bodies react differently to marijuana. Females develop a significant tolerance to cannabis within ten days of first using it.

Did Shakespeare use marijuana?

Marijuana either makes people creative or stupid. However, this is not confirmed and is a source of contention.

Shakespeare, the great writer, was an admirer of the plant. Marijuana was found in his pipes and pots. It was also found that he penned his passionate sonnets when high on weed. This demonstrates that marijuana can get those creative juices flowing.

Is there a list of 200 slang terms for Cannabis?

Yes! There are indeed over 200 different terms for cannabis. In a few regions of the world, it is known as weed, marijuana, or grass.

Proven to elevate mood

THC binds to the same receptors as anandamide does. CBD is a marijuana component that degrades anandamide. Chocolate had a similar impact on people who do not consume marijuana. It has a calming and relaxing effect on you. It also helps to alleviate anxiety and tension.

Myths about marijuana

When individuals consume raw marijuana, they become high.

Marijuana contains THC, which causes individuals to become high. However, it must be remembered that those who stay within a specific limit don’t lose all control over their actions. Additionally, people who ingest cannabis may get an upset stomach but do not go euphoric.

Marijuana causes lung cancer.

Everyone is aware that smoking promotes lung cancer. This has led to a misconception in people’s minds that smoking anything, including cannabis, leads to lung cancer. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is tobacco smoking that causes lung cancer, not marijuana.

According to research, snorting cannabis might induce short-term respiratory issues. It does not pose a cancer risk.

A marijuana overdose could be fatal.

As of yet, there have been no recorded cases of cannabis-related fatalities. High levels of cocaine and cannabinoids cause a rise in heart rate, nausea, and anxiety, and even death in certain extreme cases. Conversely, marijuana overdose can cause uneasiness and nausea, but there is no risk of death.

To Sum Up

Cannabis has been in use for centuries. With the modernity, prohibition, and stigmatization of cannabis, there is a greater desire to learn more about it. However, there is much more that people need to know about marijuana.