5 Ways to Use AI for Your Business

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing as we see. Scientific advancement and improvement in technology means that artificial intelligence will soon be rolling out for various different departments in all kinds of businesses. Even though it hasn’t been developed yet, there are still ways you can use artificial intelligence for your business. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to perform the advanced tasks but the basics can be handled by the machines all alone.

1. Customer Relationship Management

One of the best examples of artificial intelligence for business is CRM. Try messaging any business over Facebook and see how you would have a single automated reply. In many other cases, it has been seen that the systems provide an automated response multiple time. The biggest examples of such a case is Google Assistant as well as Siri by Apple. You can establish AI for customer relationship management and ask the system to understand and respond to the customers. Where something is not understood by computer system, it can be transferred to a human assistant. This is quite a common practice being implemented in Japan and North America.  Aside from Customer Relationship Management, AI also helps with another business process: Contract Lifecycle Management. CLM is on the other side of the spectrum. It takes care of your relationship with your vendors and suppliers (your employees). This ensures that you don’t accidentally miss any of the terms specified in your contracts.

2. Provide analytics

Artificial intelligence can be used to predict the future conditions based on the historical data as well as analyze the current situations of the market and predict regarding the future market demand as well. The AI Data Mining system can provide analysis on various different parameters as required by the business. However, it does not consider the market trends, customer tastes, fashion changes etc.

3. Find the best employee/candidate

Again, the analytics approach is being applied but in a completely different context where AI systems can analyze various employees, their performance, productivity, and provide a careful analysis. You will then be able to select the best possible candidate or find your employee of the year. Yet again, this lacks the element of quality and personality as well as nature of a person.

4. Business Security

Suppose you have a business website. Artificial intelligence can genuinely help you to be saved from scams and security breaches. With specific parameters, artificial intelligence security can block all the malware or potentially dangerous attacks to your website making it much secure for developers as well as viewers.

5. Social Engagement

Usually, artificial intelligence cannot predict the taste or changing fashion of a business but with the improvement in artificial intelligence in regard to social media, everything seems better. You search for some product on Facebook and you might see its advertisement the very next moment. Basically, this model helps businesses to see where the target market is heading and better decisions can be made.


Artificial intelligence can actually revolutionize the business industry and bring greater benefits in terms of sales and profits. Apply the basic AI tips for your business today and you will definitely see a better response from your customers. Make sure you use everything carefully and not completely rely on AI because it can still never replace human mind.